Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!

I enjoyed my day off from work at my family’s home poolside. We were enjoying the sunshine and our barbeque as we celebrated the unofficial start of Summer 2011 while remembering the service men and women who have served to make that possible.

My little sister and I, poolside.
Yum-yum! I ♥ Summer!

Daily Threads
Navy & White Polka dot strapless sundress – Clearance, Target
White Retro 50’s Cat eye sunglasses  – Clearance, Wal-Mart
Red, White & Blue Peace Sign Bikini
Boar’s Head Kosher Beef Hot Dog, Heinz Ketchup, Golden’s Spicy Brown Mustard…. yeah.

It was so disappointing. Saturday at work, while I was checking a mother and her 3 young children out of the clinic, I wished them a happy Memorial Day. One of her boys, about 6 years old, asks his mother “What’s Memorial Day?” to which this woman replied “Ummmm… gee. Actually, I don’t know.”

… …. …. …. Really?

I simply said to the boy “Memorial Day is when we remember and honor the men and women who have served and even given their lives for our freedom. So if you see someone who was in the Army, [for lack of and in depth explanation of all military branches], make sure you say thank you.”

The mother, obviously a bit embarrassed, and rightfully so, said “I guess it’s pretty bad that Mom didn’t know that”. and when I answered the boy’s question I wasn’t trying to embarrass to make her feel bad, but the kid definitely should know what memorial day is… and so should his mother.

But…… Summer 2011 is here!!!

This summer is going to be fantastic, and I’m so excited about this season’s trends!! I know I’ve been slacking on here this past month, but I’ve been doing my research and I have so many topics, trends, and how-tos to post very very soon!


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