"Nail It!"

Inspired by Lucky Magazine’s July Issue’s article “Nail It!”, I gave myself a funky mani/pedi today.

This spiraled marble look is what I was originally going for on my hands. However, to really do this you would need specialty brushes.

Soooooo…. I modified the directions a bit. and went with a different color scheme.

First I applied a full coat of my chosen base color. I chose Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear #450 Caribbean Coral. Once dry, I applied blobs of Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear #480 The Real Teal and White in no particular pattern on the nail. Before drying, I used an old bottle of clear coat to blend and swirl the blue and white. I repeated this with each nail. (Hence why I used an old clear coat that was running out instead of a perfectly good bottle.)

Anyway, here’s how it looks:

I’ve also noticed a lot of celebs rocking this look. Also featured in Lucky’s article, I decided to try it out on my toes. In spite of hating my feet and “alien toes” I’ve taken a pic just for you guys… I know, I’m a generous blogger.



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