2011 MTV Movie Awards

Tonight were the 2011 MTV Movie Awards. Broadcast Live from the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles, the show was hosted by SNL’s Jason Sudeikis.

Ok, it’s no surprise that Saturday Night Live hasn’t been funny for the last 6 years at least. Every cast member is horrible. However, occasionally, an SNL cast member can actually be funny. This definitely was not the case with Jason Sudeikis. He-was-horrible. His jokes were stale. Yes, Jason, it is terrible that MTV, Music Television, doesn’t play music videos anymore… but the joke is played out. You’re lame. Yes, Jason, MTV will be broadcasting the ceremony over-and-over-and-over… happens every year, however your paycheck should be adequate and that joke is also old. Oh and Jason, you’re little bit on the piano was a complete f*cking waste of time… just stop doing what you (don’t) do… go get a job.

Most of the people in attendance fly way under my give-a-sh*t rader, but there were a few moments worth watching for as well as some pretty well-dressed ladies:

Emma Stone, who is always one of my favorites, looked fabulous.
And she’s back to Ginger!
Never usually one of my favorites, Kristen Stewart looked amazing!
I loved the mini dress covered in safety pins and the amazing black pumps.
Her soft hair and makeup worked really well with the totally rock-and-roll fashions she was rocking.
But nobody can ever look better than Emma Watson!
Every time I see her she looks completely fab.
I mean, come on, look at her! She’s adorable!
She made the appearance at this years awards to premier an extended trailer to this summer’s
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2.

But, of course, no award shoe would be complete without those dressed absolutely terrible:

Amanda Bynes. Didn’t you retire? You should probably stick to that.
Leighton Meester. Gross. I’m so disappointed.

But leave it Jim Carrey to out do everyone. The funnyman donned a green suit onto which various images were projected. However, is Jim Carrey still funny? I’m pretty sure he’s not.

Ok, I don’t get the Bieber thing… his videos aren’t played. His songs aren’t played… so…. how do people even know who he is? Album sales alone? Because theres this thing called UTorrent Tweens, that means you don’t have to pay for your (sh*tty) music.

But ok, he’s a teen idol… but what the f*ck is with the Johnny Depp-esque surprise appearance? I’m sorry, is MTV the WRONG venue for Justin Bieber? What a little tool.

The one moment I was kid of looking forward to was seeing Reese Witherspoon accept this year’s Generation Award. … … … I’m pretty sure she was toe-up wasted. But I love her anyway.

And, bringing home the only award for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, Tom Felton won this year’s Best Villain award again.Yay #TeamPotter!


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  1. is dracos character even a vilian anymore? he's a pussy and so is his family. and side note: something thqt just annoyed me. someone on FB was like "part 2 was pur perfection" im likke umm u obviously arent a book fan cuz the end reeked!

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