Tax Exempt Shopping Day #1

It’s that time of year again. All those little brats will now be back in school and out of my way, eyesight and earshot… running around screaming and dripping nasal fluids.* It also means there’s an entire weekend of sales tax exempt on clothes and shoes!!! It couldn’t be all fun and games though, my main mission this weekend was to pick up pieces for work.

eh ‘hem… I would like to make an announcement:

I recently received a promotion and am now the Director of Marketing.
Thank You… Thank You…
… Which means I can’t wake up and throw on some scrubs in the mornings, so casual business attire it is!
I was on the hunt for well-fitting slacks all day. I have a hell of a time finding woman’s slacks for woman who do not have a set of nice full hips. I don’t have a very big ass. Nor do I have curvy hips or even much of a waist. Do I wish I did? Yes. But I don’t and I need nice fitting slacks God damn it! On my incredible journey I picked these up along the way:
Wet Seal
$12.80 – Brown Ballet Flats.
$7.99 – Red w/ White Polka Dot Peep-Toe Flats *CLEARANCE*
AND when I got to the register, the lovely boy with beautiful long hair let me know that I could choose another item off the clearance rack for on $.01 … so… …

$.01 – Purple w/ Cheetah Print Yoga Shorts *CLEARANCE*

Charlotte Russe
$14.99 –  Red Pencil Skirt       $16.99 –  White w/ Black Pin Strip Pencil Skirt w/ Black Belt

JC Penney
$10.77 – Grey/Black Jacket w/ Black Belt *CLEARANCE*

But the highlight of my shopping day was Marshall’s (oh, Marshall’s, how I love thee…) and the pieces I am most excited about today have nothing to do with work attire.


I fell in love with each of these dresses. So whimsical… which you know I love. They’re both made by Myth. I had never heard of them but I’m loving their styles!

$16.99 – Nude/Tan Dress.
Reminds me of the Renaissance Festival! I can’t wait to wear it!
AND! during “Boots Weather” (and you KNOW how crazy I am about my boots) I can pair this with a fabulous pair of knee-highs!
$10.00 – Cream w/ very Pale Pink & Grey “floral-esque” accents *CLEARANCE*

BUT WAIT! As if this Marshall’s experience wasn’t already seemingly completely customized to my tastes, I found and head over heels in love with this:

$19.99 – Leopard Print Bag by Bueno w/ Classic Style Fastening.
Bueno is also responsible for that beautiful green bag I bought a couple of weeks ago!
Mui Bueno!!!

Later that evening, Casey invited me out to drinks with the cast and crew of the latest show he’s been running.  —-I have so much exciting news that I want to post and in general scream aloud, but I have to wait until it’s right. What I will say about Casey’s New Job (Yes, Casey received a very awesome job offer recently as well.) is that GREAT THINGS on just on the horizon, for both Casey and I… for Us… for Acropolis Productions, Inc… and for each of our other creative pursuits!!!—-  He came home to pick me up and I was so happy to have the instant gratification of wearing one of my new favorites:

Daily Threads:  
Dress – You know, you’ve just read about. $10.00 on Clearance Marshall’s
Purse: Bueno – $24.99 Marshalls 

Necklace – Lucky Brand – Peace Sign, White Dove, White “Daisies”
Silver Butterfly Ring
Silver and Abalone Bangle

*I really don’t hate children. At least not all of them; mostly I just hate their spineless, hyper-oblivious parents.


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