Tax Exempt Shopping Day #2

Take 2!!
I was still on the look-out for professional slacks, but still none that fit my shape very well. Also, I don’t like how all the slacks out there are like wearing parachute pants for crying out loud. I wanted a few slim pairs of woman’s trousers. By the end of today, I pretty much had to just buy whatever was in the store.
But not before giving into the temption to buy a new pair of jeans!
the Gap
Long & Lean Jeans $59.50, $20 off – $39.50

Here are the best compromises I could make in the slacks department.

                      JC Penney                            Body Central 
                                                                                                                                         (formerly, The Body Shop)
    $16.99 each – Black & Brown Slacks     $19.80 each Tan/Sandy & Grey/Black Slacks 
                  by Star City                                                   by Flirtation

And I needed another pair of professional, business appropriate heels.

Marshall’s … again
$22.00 – Unisa Black Peep-Toe Heels *CLEARANCE*

I wish I could have dropped all that money over the last two days on “fun” fashions. But duty calls and I want to do really well at my new job. In marketing, appearance makes a huge difference so you know I gotta look good! (I’m not convinced that will happen in those slacks.)

I was feeling my awesome Irish heritage today so here’s what I wore out and about today:

Daily Threads:

  • Dropkick Murphys T
  • Billabong Jean Shorts
  • B Makowsky Black Leather Purse
  • Sanuk Flip Flops 

Celtic inspired jewelry including my Lucky Brand Four Leaf Clover Watch, My Silver Celtric Cross Necklace, and my Irish symbols anklet…. and I just love my little snake ring so I had to were it too!

It wasn’t until the end of the night when my roommate Kacie pointed out that Casey and I were both wearing Irish Ts! Oh well, we must have looked like matching dorks all day.

Back to work tomorrow after this exhausting weekend. I’ve got several long LONG days this week too. 😦 and on top of all my responsibilities at work, all those wonderful opportunities I hinted at in yesterday’s post require a lot of creative thought, time, and effort on my behalf… but I do whatever it takes to pursue my artistic endeavors… SO EXCITING!!!


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