Happy Birthday to Ginger Kate!!!

Yesterday was my birthday!!! So,obviously, the entire past week revolved around me for my family and friends and this will continue until about next week. One day just can not contain the amount of celebration necessary to commemorate the fabulousness of my being born. Plain and simple.

I’ve been cleaning up in the gift department; Mostly because my friends know I wouldnt be their friend if they gave shitty gifts. But honestly my friends and family mean so much to me and I love any excuse to spend some party time with them, it’sjust especially awesome wehn the reason is me!

I don’t want to bore you with all the details but basically my family and my friends that have become family rock and are truly amazing. Here’s a little glimpse into my birthday celebrations.

(My small digital camera broke and I don’t like lugging “my baby” around with me to bars, restaurant etcetera, so please excuse the quality of these pics. I love my iPhone and all, but sometime the camera just doesn’t cut it.)

Happy Birthday to ME! Opening my presents from my best friend, Kacie!


She knows how much I love nail polish!!!


My new scarf!

Gloves I can still use my iPhone with!! They also convert into mittens!!

Ready to head out to dinner!


Pre-Bar Dinner!


Hapers Pub

Harpers Pub

My footsie pajamas!!! AND they are covered in Owls!!!!

My birthday hat from Mom! It says, Miss Birthday and I wore the entire time at the restaurant and then at home for cake!


Happy Birthday to ME!


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