Casey Anthony Moves To Town.

So apparently Casey Anthony lives in my town now. People magazine printed that she now resides, alone, in St Lucie County.

Naturally, everyone in town is spreading their half-assed information. Some of the rumors include that her house is on a street right near my house; (Floresta for you locals). One resident claims to have seen Casey at a stop light in the area of Port St Lucie blvd and Darwin (Gatlin blvd area). Another rumor is that she works at one of our two local strip clubs (Papermoon, again, for you locals). However, our only other strip club has made Casey a very serious job offer:


Awesome! Well, Welcome to town Casey! It’s boring as hell which is why this week you are the biggest news story. I’m sure by the time I hit “post” you will already be planning on moving. Great vlog btw!!!

Casey Anthony vlog post #1



  1. omggggg I couldnt even watch the entire casey anthony video!!!! i’mjust like……so in awe….that i like….have….a computer….and….its..mine. idk kinda crazy to think about. i have a dog….and its…mine…i love him…i adopted him….its just soooo…..idk…crazy!!!!! holy shit stab me in the ears so i never have to hear anything like that again!!!!

    1. I know. I also feel bad for her too. She was NOT found guilty… Havin things after being in jail for a few years would be a big deal… Plus she ant make a move without everyone freaking out. BUT: you lost you’re little girl, regardless of your innocence/guilt, you shouldn’t be so impressed w/ cellphones and crap.

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