Dancing in the rain, alone, in the middle of the street.

Today I drove back down to the hotel in Palm Beach for take care of all my paperwork for hire. (So excited to start this new opportunity!) Leaving my town, it was beautiful and sunny, but I neared West Palm Beach it began to downpour. Heavily. It was scarey. I was on I95 trying not to slam into anyone, whilst also avoiding getting slammed into. It was absolutely ridiculous. I made it to the hotel, late, but I had called and it had been storming badly down there for some time for they weren’t surprised. I found a parking spot and grabbed a spare jacket that I had in the back seat for some sort of coverage. (I never have an umbrella when I need it.) I ran down the block, getting completely soaked. My heels were filling with water. It was horrible. But I made it! I dried off a bit (as best I could) in the ladies and then met with my managers and began filling out my paperwork.

It was still pouring when I finished and they offered to let me stay and wait out the rest of the rain. I declined politely and ran back to my car except this time, I was done. I didn’t need to preserve my skillyfully crafted look. I took of my heels and splashed down the sidewalks. Once I got to my car I opened the door and through my purse inside as well as the jacket I had used for coverage on the way in in the back seat. I tossed my heels in and on the floor and stood there. I allowed the rain to come down over me and I loved every second of it. Suddenly I was overcome with the joy of knowing I didn’t have to return to my old job and the excitement of starting this amazing new oppertunity… I was jumping up and down the puddles and did a short, but distinct, happy dance. (Kind of a jumpy butt-shake session.) I found myself completely elated and dancing in the rain, alone, in the middle of the street.

It was pouring, but bound to let up. I had made it through the storm. Survived. I was now standing at that crossroads where my life takes a different direction and who knows where it will lead.

It was one of those perfect moments. The kind that make life worth living and remind you that that’s exactly what you’re doing, living.

Sometimes in life you have to stop and take time to dance in the rain.


Ok… and now, real quick: I had to go take my drug test, right… in Lake Worth… ok…

The “lab” was creepy, one room and a bathroom.

I walk in. Nobody there, but the door is wide open. I read the sign, “fill out this form… blah blah blah”. So I take a clipboard and start working on that.

After a few minutes, the Doctor comes out of the bathroom, very surprised to see me and says “Can I help you?”

“I’m here for a drug screening. I’m from *the hotel*”

“Oh. Ok.” He says and then begins to spray the sh*t out of some air freshener in the bathroom. Clearly, I walked in on him dropping a deuce. Awkward.

He begins to start processing my paperwork and recieves multiple personal calls on his cellphone. Something about someone in his family taking someones car for an oil change or something. Lots of yelling though. This gives me time to properly acess this man of medicine’s attire:

Scrub pants. Ok. Obvious doctor attire.

Dirty sneakers. Ok. Kind of gross.

Tank top.

…. well not so much a tank top. To be precise, it was a sleeveless, stretched out old tshirt.


He barely followed proper collection protocol (I know this because I am drug screen certified in Florida thank you very much!) but whatever, it was weird and creepy… and in Lake-freaking-Worth. Gross.


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