New Job Jitters.

Tomorrow is the big day! I officially start my training tomorrow at the hotel.

This week I bought myself my new “uniform”. A black suit. I have to wear my hair back so I’ve been finding all sorts of cute ponytail ideas and bun ideas. I’ll be sure to share what I come up with. (Maybe even get into posting “how-to” videos! Fancy.)

I have everything that I need. I even had my car spruced up today, oil change and what not. I need new front end breaks… but that will be fix shortly. I know this opportunity is a great one and I know the commute will be more than worth it but I am so nervous about starting. I know it’s going to be awesome but I’m scared.

My roommate says the jitters are good. He says, “If you didn’t have them, it would mean you don’t give a sh*t. At least you give a sh*t.” and I guess he’s absolutely right.

...heading down a new road.

I’ll be training at the hotel for the next three days, so I have three of my favorite old posts scheduled to reblog. I hope you’ll forgive the cop-out and I also hope you’ll enjoy each of them. (They’re cute, I promise).

I also added a menu of categories to better navigate my posts. I have to go back and edit most of my old posts; the pictures and lining are all messed up and I’m kind of an OCD freak. But if you’re a new reader, please check out some of my older stuff (and, again, excuse the ones that are all over the place.)

Thanks for reading. It is always appreciated. and so are comments!!!


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