Creative Makeup! ♥ This

I originally posted this one over a year ago. But I loved it so much and it was one of most popular posts so I’m reposting now that Ginger Kate found it’s home on wordpress.

Funny enough, one of my guy friends, Ryan (artist, T.R.O.) showed me an article with all these pictures on it. There were several more, but these are by far my FAVORITES! Take a look at these creative, artistic makeup designs! They’re so awesome!!!

Strawberry Lips

Spooky Lips

Pikachu Lips

Peppermint Lips & Eyes
I want to try this soooooo bad! I love the glitter!!!!

Passion Flower Eyes
So Gorge!

Pansy Lips

Moth Eyes
♥ it!

Mint Eyes & Nails

Lily Eyes

Leopard Eyes

“Watermelon” Leopard Eyes
Legend of Zelda Nails.
Um… Hello? Awesome!

Lady Bug Eyes

Giant Squid Nails

Fuschia Eyes
♥ These too!!!

Fox Lips
I so want to do this one!

“Dark Fairy” Eyes

Cupcake Lips & Nails
One of my favorites!

Crab Lips!

Chameleon Lips

Butterfly Eyes

Bluebell Eyes

“Black Lace” Eyes

I so want to try some of these out. The others, I just love to look at! I’m not a big fan of long nails, so I don’t believe I’ll ever be able to try the Giant Squid nails (even though I love them!) But they definitely inspire a lot of other creative ideas.

I just love how simply-detailed all these are. So beautiful. I thought I’d pass these pics along for the enjoyment of all of you! Hope you like! and I hope you’re inspired to get a little creative with your own makeup!


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8 thoughts on “Creative Makeup! ♥ This

  1. Many of these looks do require airbrushing techniques. However, with a skillful hand and a varitey of colors in your cosmetics bag, you can imitate A LOT of these adorable looks.I love crazy makeup! If you give any of these a try, I would love to see pictures! Good luck and thanks for reading and contributing!

  2. you gutter slut! i was gonna blog about this! LOL but its awesome and im still blogging about it in a different way though 😉

    1. Great idea! And thank you for reading and commenting. A lot of these require airbrush techniques and application but the butterfly eyes can actually be done quite easily with some bright shadows, liquid liner and a steady hand!

      I’m working on including video tutorials and other video posts on Ginger-Kate; I hope you’ll become a regular reader and check back for those videos! (They’re coming soon)!

      Thanks again!

  3. I love these looks….I’ve tried some variations of these for Halloweens past but always looking for a new challenge….can’t wait to get my makeup out and play!

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