A Generation of Intellectual Amputees -b.b.

Here’s another one of my favorite older posts. It’s February again, which means two of my favorite artists, Brandon Boyd and Alex Pardee, just celebrated birthdays. I’m reblogging this one to share some of my favorite pieces of their art.

You all know about my undieing love for Brandon Boyd and how one magical day our souls, destined to be mates, will come together… (hey, a girl can dream)… but, another favorite artist of mine is Alex Pardee. He’s designed multiple album covers and other commercial pieces, but his personal art is my favorite. Lets begin, shall we?

Brandon Boyd
hello, lover. ♥


…this is currently the background on my phone. and a long time favorite of mine.

I wish I could recall this one’s name…
You may recognize this from “White Fluffy Clouds”

…another long time favorite of mine.
“Brain Diagram”

“Heart & Skulls”
…currently my favorite!

I have such a large file on my computer filled with Brandon’s work… I simply love it. It also gives me a lot of inspiration when I’m having a creative block. I have so much respect and adoration for Brandon Boyd as an overall artist. His visual art, as well as his lyrics/poetry are both emotionally stirring and creatively stimulating. I just keep finding myself falling in love with him over and over. Poet, Painter, Writer, Musician & Dog-lover who’s covered in tats… My ideal man… ♥Brandon, whenever you’re ready to ask, Yes, I will marry you.

For more about Brandon Boyd and his various forms of art.
Please check out his site: Brandon Boyd

Alex Pardee

My friend Brad recently brought this artist to my attention. Turns out, I’ve been an admirer of his work for years without even knowing who he was! Some of my favorites:


“Vomits Love 2”

“Escaped Conviction”
“Tonight To Knight”

For more about Alex Pardee and to look at some of his other work, please visit his site, I am in love with it! Alex Pardee

*The title of this blog is a line from the song “All Ears Avow” from the Album “The Wild Trapeze” by Brandon Boyd…. this album is amazing by the way!

3 thoughts on “A Generation of Intellectual Amputees -b.b.

  1. i never knew ur soul mate was a painter…thats pretty cool. actually know that i think about it im sure youve told me befor in one of ur rants about him. ( hey remember wen a brandon boyd came into medstat lol)and i like tonight to knight, i ve seen that befor but i cant remember where. the vomit one is cool but ewwwy! and escaped conviction very cool. once again love ur articles

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