Duck Tape Prom

I’m home sick today. Not cool. As you may have read, I just switched jobs, so my paycheck from my last job was pretty skimpy and since I’m new to payroll at the hotel, obviously, my first paycheck was for only a couple of days. So loosing money isn’t exactly ideal right now. Never the less, I’ve kept myself entertained but google searching and other mindless web surfing. One of the articles I read provided some seriously adorable and awesome fashion pics.

Every year, Duck Tape brand holds a scholarship contest in which participants make their prom attire using Duck Tape. I remember my senior year one of my guy friends swore he was going to participate. He never did, unfortunately, but that’s when I first became aware of this Duck Tape phenomenon. So I was kind of excited when I saw this article on Lucky Magazine’s site, (here’s the link to check out the original article:) Lucky Magazine Duck Tape Dresses. These couples are incredible and their Duck Tape creations are pretty impressive.

I’m so inspired after seeing these pictures that I want to make a Duck Tape gown using the Zebra print or Leopard print Duck Tape!!! Maybe I’ll just start with a skirt.

This just might be my favorite out of all of these.

This one reminds me of The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I LOVE the polkadots!!!!

I love her umbrella and backless gown. The star theme is adorable!

Love this one!

Their spalttered paint theme is awesome! Love her paint can handbag!

These two are completely adorable!

I'm assuming their prom was a masquerade theme.

That detailing is incredible!! and I absolutely love the colors.

Not my favorite, but the color combo is awesome and I love the stars at the bottom!

This one kind of reminds me of Marte Gras... or a peacock. I'm not sure why the cape is so stiff but the swirls are amazing!

Pretty much my least favorite out of these 11, but the detailing on these are pretty rad. and her handbag is adorable!

Thanks for reading! Lucky Magazine always has some pretty awesome articles, I strongly suggest bookmarking them. I look forward to my monthly issue and peruse their site when I want to read more!

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Thanks again for reading!


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