“… and may the odds be ever in your favor.”

This afternoon, my guy and I went to see The Hunger Games. I was so looking forward to seeing it, having fallen in love with the books. Casey even began reading the series so he was pretty excited to see it too.

One of my favorite parts of seeing any movie adaptation of a book that I love is the nit-picking and complaining that immediately follows seeing it. “I can’t believe they left [whatever] out!” “They didn’t even explain [this thing]!” and so on… The Hunger Games stays pretty damn true to the book. Not too much was changed and what was changed is kind of understandable.

The only, very minor, disappointments that I do have really are in regard to some of the relationships. Because the film makers did such a great job squeezing in as much of the details as possible, most of the relationships seemed a lot simpler; they weren’t as multidimensional. I can’t be too upset at this though because obviously those details are better received from the book. It happens…

Little time was spent in The Seam. I wish it were clearer just how close and (mostly) dependent on each other Gale and Katniss were. (Not to mention, we lost precious Liam Hemsworth swoon-time.) Madge got the ax. I can understand why, I guess. (I do wonder, though, if her Aunt will go unmentioned; at least, not defined as being “Madge’s Aunt”.)

Effie Trinket was amazing. Elizabeth Banks did such a fabulous job! The Capitol fashions were as extravagant and unnecessary as I had imagined.

I definitely feel that the other tributes were portrayed true to their written-selves. I loved watching Glimmer’s death just as much as I did reading it.

Cinna and Katniss’s relationship was rushed in the film; It’s so much more than what we got to see. However, I do understand the haste in development and I also understand the need to cut out the rest of the prep team. I just absolutely adore Cinna.

My one big complaint though, was that the beasts at the end were not explained. Why couldn’t that have been explained? Did I miss it? I did only see it the one time (so far), did I miss them explain what, or rather who, those dogs were? If I did miss that, please let me know (I always welcome feedback/comments). ‘Cause I’m pretty sure they were just scary-looking giant pugs in the movie…

It was amazing. It really was amazing. I loved every second of this movie and hate the thought of waiting so long for Catching Fire’s theatrical release.

And speaking of theatrical releases, check out how freaking gorg Jennifer Lawrence looked at the premiere. Her boys weren’t looking too shabby either…


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