imPress Press-On Manicure

You all know how much I love doing just about everything and anything to my nails. I’ve always loved being pampered and getting professional manicures but then I feel locked into however they’re painted for about a month in order to get my money’s worth (I’m a starving artist, I can’t go getting my nails done once a week… come on now.) I love being able to change my nails and have been receiving compliments on my bold choices and precision skills since middle school. Back in the day, I was quite the wielder of a nail art pens and stickers!

I’m also quite fond of press-ons. I know, I know, but these babies have come a long way since those sticker-applied Lee’s! I came across imPress Press-On Maicures at my corner Walgreens on Monday when I spotted the Zebra print press-ons. Upon further investigation I found the Leopard prints, then the awesome black with silver ones… I had to buy these. Even if they would only last one day, I had to.

I had just started my work week and we’re banned from anything other than nude/neutral nails (not even pink! … unless it’s super light), so I grabbed a pack of traditional french so I could put them to the test immediately.

Leopard and Zebra Print
Black & Silver and Classic French

I read the package’s directions and glue is not necessary. There is adhesive on each nail; you remove the plastic cover and simply press on the nail. It also shows a promise of lasting up to a week*! I doubted all of this. But I knew I had nail glue at home anyway and could always use it.

I applied these nails on Monday night. It is now Saturday night and the nails are still intact and still looking cute. I’m shocked! Shocked and so happy that they really do work. I can’t wait to rock the other sets I bought! Since I definitely can’t sport those tacky plastics at work, I’m not sure when I’ll have a chance to for more than two days. 😦

I’m so please with how long lasting these have turned out to be. The glue-on sets usually start lifting by now and looking crappy, not these. The only gripe I have with these imPress Press-On Manicures is how short they are. I always have my nails just above the tips of my fingers and would normally file them way down anyway, but these nails a just a tad too short. I have very long nail beds, so this probably isn’t a problem for most which is why I would highly recommend these nails. Even if you wear them for one night, they’re super easy to apply, they don’t come popping off out of nowhere and they’ve got some pretty adorable colors and designs to choose from.

I’m not so sure why it matters that ex-pussycat doll, Nicole Scherzinger endorses these… It’s nice to see she’s still alive and all, but who the hell cares what she’s wearing?

2005 was a good year…

Whoa… and not the good kind.

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