Mad Men!

It’s back! One of my favorite TV shows, Mad Men. Last week was the two hour season premier of season five and season 4 ended almost two years ago!!!

They acknowledge a lengthy time lapse and here’s where we land:

However gorgeously mod Megan Draper may be, she totally embarrassed Don by throwing him a surprise 40th birthday party and then acting like a ho… a 1960’s ho… she sang a french burlesque number with jazz musicians and maybe flashed a little side-butt. She also smokes “tea” with gay black guys, so Don’s kind of second guessing this whole second wife thing… third wife thing… Plus Roger and every other man in the office permanently placed this one in their spank bank and aren’t shy about saying so.

Joan (my fav) is on maternity leave after giving birth to Roger’s bastard baby. I just love Joan and Roger. Roger’s wife is lame-o anyway… and they’re already setting up a divorce for Mr and Mrs Sterling.

Most importantly, we’re seeing, more than ever, the younger generation of business professionals speaking up and keeping up with the civil changes taking place in 1966 America. The shifting social climate is at the front of the young staff’s minds while “the grey’s” are still dicking around and laughing about a little “harmless” fun throwing water-bombs on civil rights protesters.

Mad Men, I’m so happy you’re back. I’ve missed you and I love you.


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