Ginger Meets Ginger

Earlier in the week, the original Ginger from Gilligan’s Island, Tina Louise, was a guest at the hotel where I work in Palm Beach! Having idolized Ms. Louise since childhood, I was quite excited for the opportunity to meet her. I was quite inspired, early on, by this Broadway, TV and (of course) Movie Star.

As one of the earliest celebs to pose for Playboy (in 1958) for means of further promoting her celebrity status, Tina Louise was very much a groundbreaking performer who maintained a lady-like demeanor while crossing those sexy, scandalous lines. Also in 1958, Tina was named “The World’s Most Beautiful Redhead” by The National Art Council. (Quite the honor if I do say so!)

Although my encounters with “Ginger” were brief, she was sweet and gracious each time. It was a pleasure to have met one of my (and America’s) favorite Redheads of all time! Ms. Louise was staying on property with her daughter (from her marriage to radio and tv host, Les Crane), Caprice Crane who is an author, writer and producer with many credits to her name.

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Love, GK

*Title, “Ginger Meets Ginger”, credited to, my awesome friend, T.R.O.*


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