Birchbox #1 : May ’12

As you may have read, I received my first Birchbox on Monday! Since signing up at the end of April, I have eagerly awaited my box of 5 deluxe samples! When it arrived, I immediately opened it to find what goodies I’d be trying out this month.

Ok, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t gripe about something: These samples are far from deluxe. They are standard sample sizes you’d receive from a department store. However, I don’t know any places near me that could offer me samples of some of these products and so, I don’t mind that I pay $10 monthly to receive them. Adding to my excitement, May’s Birchbox had a Gossip Girl theme! (So that earned the box some over-all points with me)

To more easily convey my enthusiasm or lack there of for my Birchbox goodies (and other products I rate in the future) I am implimenting a “GK L♥VES” Scale… in hearts. ♥

Basically, 5 hearts is a product that I absolutely love, 0 hearts is a complete waste… simple enough. A perfect Birchbox score would be 25 hearts (provided it’s the standard 5 product samples).

Here’s the loot and what I think so far:

1.) Atelier Cologne – Vanille Insensee – Full Size Bottle: $65-$175 – I really enjoy this fragrance. It’s a “vanilla scent with a splash of lime and coriander.”. I definitely enjoy citrusy smells and the classic, soft vanilla makes it a more romantic scent. At this time, I would totally consider buying this in a full bottle, but it didn’t give me the “I must have this” feeling… It may grow on me more; we’ll have to wait and see. PS: I love that this sample came with a totally adorable NYC themed postcard which definitely preyed upon my deep love for my native state. ♥♥♥

2.) Color Club Nail Polish in “Disco Nap” – Full size $8 – Described as a “luxe metallic polish”, I’d have to agree. It took a few minutes to dry, not rapidly fast, but the coverage was amazing after just one coat and it’s a metallic polish without the cheesey look of too-large-glitter (you know what I mean). It’s the perfect amount of sparkle. I probably won’t ever buy this but I do really love the product. ♥♥♥

3.) Dr. Jart + – Waterfuse BB Cream – Full size $32 – This product is really four-in-one: moisturizer, serum, sunscreen (spf 25), and skin perfecting tint. It’s described as the “swiss army knife of your beauty lineup”. I like the light weight coverage, the color was suited to my skin tone and the combination of products is fantastic but it’s impossible to really tell the long term effects with such a small amount. (There was barely in the bottle.) I’ll be nice, despite my disappointment in the skimpy amount. ♥♥

4.) fresh – Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15 – $22.50 – This lip tint has natural sugar extracts to exfoliate and smooth lips. I love the sheer color. It adds the perfect amount of color without being overdone. Lip stick isn’t a daily part of my makeup regiment, I prefer lip tints, glosses or just chapstik; this product gives me exactly what I love. I also love the twist-to-open tube; no accidental openings in my purse! However, I can achieve the same results from a much more affordable, drug store brand. ♥♥♥

5.) twistband Hair Tie (green) – reg price $18 for a 12pk – Ok, this is a pice of elastic tied in a knot. I can buy “snag-free elastics” by goody for $2 anywhere… I’m still totally going to use this though. I have a lot of hair! Plus, green looks fab with the red locks. But really? ♥

6.) *BONUS* They also included an adorable notecard and envelope. ♥

May’s Birchbox total: 13/25 ♥s.

… I was hoping for better results. I will use each of these products but whether I will purchase the full size is another story. My two favs are definitely the Atelier Cologne and the fresh tinted lip treatment! I’m looking forward to future Birchbox deliveries!

If you’re interested in subscribing to Birchbox, sign up to be on their waiting list and then wait for your invitation to subscribe. Once you do and they ask “How did you hear about us?” make sure to tell them “”!!!

Thanks for reading! Please subscribe and you can also follow me on Twitter (@xGingerKate), Tumblr (GingerKate) and Instagram (@GingerKate).

Love, GK

2 thoughts on “Birchbox #1 : May ’12

  1. these birchboxes r a joke $10 for sample they probably don’t even pay for themselves. i wanted to get the gossip girl box when i heard about it because i love the show and my expectations for the box was high. i thought they would have high end products and actually give bigger samples.. god what a joke. This puts the gossip girl name to shame. i don’t even think “gossip girl” herself would be pleased … lol oh well u should look into the voxbox from influenster free and full sized products!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Megis! And thanks for reading. I am definitely a bit disappointed with my first Birchbox but I’ve also seen and heard of some great hauls from Birchbox so I’m hoping for the best with future deliveries.

      I will most definitely check out voxbox! Thanks for the tip! I will, of course, let my readers know what I think of it should I choose to subscribe!

      Thanks again and I hope you’ll be a regular reader/commenter!

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