I’ve got the need, the need for jeans.

I’ve been scoping out colored jeans for well over a year now. (I’ve been suffering from non-buyer’s remorse over that amazing pair of mint green jeans I spotted last summer! Oh, what could have been…) It’s no secret that colored denim is one of the hottest trends of the year… again.

This trend got very popular in Spring/Summer of ’11 and carried right through Fall/Winter. This year, they’re still a hot look. (Provided that you didn’t select to wear the most god-awful ugly pair… some of you really need to reconsider your choices when attempting to participate in this trend. IJS. In fact, while I’m ranting: It isn’t enough to just participate in a hot style trend, any style trend, simply because it is technically categorized in that particular trend category… if it looks bad, it’s bad, not trendy, not fierce, not fashionable… just bad. That saggy pair of burnt sienna denim may not be the best choice…)

Despite my desire for an amazing pair of colored jeans, I have yet to obtain a pair! This summer, I WILL make a fabulous pair of colored jeans my own. I’m very particular, as most woman are, when it comes to the shape and style of my jeans. NOT ALL JEANS ARE CREATED EQUAL. This is why I normally don’t mind shelling out more than I normally would on a single article of clothing when it comes to the perfect pair of jeans. However, how many times can I really expect to wear a pair of mint green or red jeans? I don’t even wear my whites all that often… REGARDLESS: I will finally buy a pair (or two) of amazing colored jeans!

Here’s some inspiring ladies who make the colored denim trend look so desirable:

Even more than I wish to secure my own pair of colored jeans, I want a pair of Printed Denim jeans!! So so so so so so badly!!! But finding an amazing pair of printed denim is an even harder task than finding your perfect colored pair. Obviously shape, size and fit are the most important factors but finding a pattern that’s right for me (or you) is an even greater challenge. Personally, I don’t want too bold of a pattern; something subtle but still bold enough. (See how this becomes a mission?) Basically, I want MY perfect pair of printed jeans. So between finding my perfect pair of print and color jeans, I’ve got my work cut out for me… but I’m totally up for the task! Here’s some printed denim inspiration:

I’ve got some serious shopping to do…

Thanks for reading!!!

Love, GK

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