Julep Maven #2 : Aug. ’12

About a week ago, I received my August Julep Maven box. You may have read that for this month’s box, when I had reviewed with was to be sent to me as an “It Girl”, I decided to swap it for the Boho Glam box. Here’s what I received this month:




The August theme was “Chrome Metallics”. I received a white metallic, Isla, a teal metallic, Piper, and bottle of Julep’s acetone free conditioning nail polish remover. As an extra, they threw in a flimsy “tote”.




I received my first Julep Maven box for only $0.01 when I used a promo code but this box cost me the full monthly subscription cost of $19.99. I have to be honest, when I get to review my Julep Maven box for September later this month, unless I REALLY like whats being sent, I’m totally cancelling my subscription. I’m not 100% unhappy with what I’ve received and for $20 total, I got 5 polishes and other goodies; not too bad. However, I’m not overly impressed with the quality of Julep’s polishes.

The coverage is thin and immediately after drying, the color becomes quite dull and lackluster. I do like the nail polish remover; it has a pump top and works really well.




Thats what Piper looks like after 3 coats. It’s cute. Isla, the white metallic, is very thin in coverage but looks cute and pearly. (I didn’t get a chance to snap a pic).


We shall see if I last another month as a Julep Maven or not.


Thanks for reading. Love, GK

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