Julep Maven #3 : Sept. ’12

I received my September Julep Maven box. It seemed like it was shipped out super early but I’m not 100% since this is only my 3rd box. It also seems like this will be my last box. I’m just not impressed enough with Julep’s polishes to continue to pay $19.99 per month to receive a box of 2 or 3 polishes. I was honestly going to make last month’s box my last. I figured it wasn’t too bad that I received 5 polishes, polish remover and toe spacers for $20. ($19.99 + $0.01 I paid for the first month). Not such a big loss. In fact, I would go as far as to say “worth it.”

Then I took a peek at September’s boxes and really liked the two colors in the Boho Glam box. So, for the second month in a row, I opted for the Boho Glam box instead of my It Girl box. (I’m beginning to think their style quiz is bs). The only problem with the Boho Glam box is that, yet again, it only came with two polishes. The third item was mascara. (I signed up for nail products…)

The masacara is Julep’s lengthening mascara in espresso brown. It’s ok I guess. I’m definitely not going to ever, ever purchase it and I’m still annoyed I got it instead of a third polish. Whatever, I chose this box.

I do really, really like the two polishes this month though. The royal blue is Gunta and the kelly green is Popova. Both of the these colors I absolutely love and they are definitely my two favorite Julep polishes that I’ve received so far. (I will update with pictures of how the polishes each look on.)

Part of me wants to wait and see what October’s box will hold before I cancel. Halloween is my favorite holiday and there might be some awesome stuff in the box next month… But I’ll probably end up cancelling this month. I enjoyed my 3 month run as a Julep Maven. IDK though, don’t be completely shocked if this time next month I have Julep Maven :: October posted on here.

If you want to give being a Julep Maven a try, click here *Become a Julep Maven for $0.01* and use the coupon code Color2012. If you use this code at checkout, your $19.99 1st Julep Maven box will only cost you $0.01. There is always free shipping and you can cancel at anytime. So even if you sign up with the coupon code for one month and then cancel before the next one is billed to you, you’ll have gotten 2 or 3 nail polishes for a penny! It’s totally worth a try. You may really like it and choose to receive another box, or two, or three, like I did. I also really like that you can preview what you will get in your box and opt for a different box (as I have done for the last 2 months).

Now, I was nice enough to find that coupon code for this month for you but I can’t guarantee that it works. (I can’t exactly sign up again. Although, I suppose I could.) So if you sign up and use the code, please comment and let me know if it works or not. Also, if it doesn’t work simply google “Julep Maven September Coupon Code”… it’s out there, I promise.

AND If you click on the link I provided up there, you know, this one: *Become a Julep Maven for $0.01* I might get my October box for free. And if you do sign up, you’ll be given a personal link that you can share with your friends/readers/followers to earn free boxes as well!

Thanks so much for reading! Love, GK

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