Subscription Box Switch-Ups

I received my email from Birchbox a little while back letting me know that my September Birchbox was on its way. Awesome. Then, just the other day, it kind of dawned on me and I mentioned to my mom how I still hadn’t gotten my samples yet for the month but my mind has been kind of all over (per usual) and I didn’t check the tracking number. I guess I wasn’t that concerned. Then, on Thursday, I received a new email from Birchbox stating that there was a mix-up with shipping and my September box was on its way. For the “inconvienence”, they gave me 100 Birchobx points! Way to go, Birchbox customer service! Nearly before I even realized there was a problem you corrected it and gave me points to purchase some beauty products. Thanks, Birchbox!

As far as my Julep Maven subscription: I’m canceling this month. September was, in deed, my last Julep Maven review. If I can get my October box for free, I’ll review it, obviously, but if I don’t earn a free box by later today, I’m going to go ahead and cancel. Its not that I don’t like Julep’s products and I am obsessed with nail polish and am a firm believer that you can not have too many colors but I’m ready to explore other products.

If you’re interested in becoming a Julep Maven, you can sign up by clicking here: Become a Julep Maven You can receive your first month’s box for $0.01 by using the promo code COLOR2012 at checkout. (I’m already a Maven so I haven’t used this code and can not vouch for it. HOWEVER, every single month they have a coupon code out there and it is usually for a first time subscriber to get their box for a penny. Just google it.) If you like it and want to receive future boxes, it’s $19.99 per month, free shipping and you can cancel at anytime. You can also review all the boxes for the month and choose another box if you’d like which is something I really like at being a Julep Maven.

I expressed in my last post about my Julep Maven box (the September review) that I was curious to see what October’s box had in store since Halloween is approaching. Here’s what each Julep Maven box consists of this month:

I was classified as an “It Girl” but have opted for the “Boho Glam” box two out of my three months. (I love that the white crackle is named Hermione btw) I would stick with my “It Girl” box this month if I were to receive one.

Like I said, unless ONE OF YOU reading right now, subscribes to become a Julep Maven by clicking the specific link I provided thus awarding me with the one Julep Maven credit I need to receive my October box for free, I will be cancelling later today. So, if YOU are curious about how you’d like being a Julep Maven, please sign up here: BECOME A JULEP MAVEN AND EARN ME A FREE BOX FOR OCTOBER Just use the monthly coupon code and get three (or two depending on your box) nail polishes for a penny, then cancel. All you’ve got to lose is a penny and, if you’re lucky, you’ll find one on heads on the ground somewhere. 🙂

I won’t be saving my $19.99 per month though, even canceling my Julep Maven subscription. No, I’ll be spending $21 per month to receive a monthly box of samples from GossyBox USA. YES! Before I signed up for Birchbox, I had read about GlossyBox and was upset that it did not ship in the US at the time. More recently, I have been checking out GlossyBox again and they do ship in the US now and have for a few months.

I much prefer receiving boxes of various types of beauty products each month, like Birchbox. As much as I love doing my nails and collecting polishes, I don’t want to receive the same type of products each month. Being a Julep Maven was fun while it lasted, but I’m excited to receive my very first GlossyBox!

Thanks for reading! and thanks for even considering becoming a Julep Maven for me and for you! A BIG thank you to anyone of you who does sign up to be a Julep Maven today. I will promote your blog, or your twitter or give you an amazing kick-ass shout-out, I don’t know. It would be pretty awesome to get my very last Julep Maven box for free. If you sign up, you’ll receive your own Julep Maven sign-up link which will earn you points toward a free month’s box and I will post your link so hard its not even funny. Promise.

I’m excited to review my soon-to-arrive Birchbox for September and even more excited to review my very first GlossyBox! Check back later for the reviews!

Thanks again! Love, GK



  1. Ginger Kate,
    I’m your newest email subscriber and twitter follower. Like you, I had also decided to stop receiving Julep boxes, but I haven’t techniqually cancelled yet, rather I’ve so far choosen to skip a month each month. I don’t wait to receive an email from Julep, but just sign in first thing in the morning on the 20th. I like to at least still have that option in case something really appealing appears. 😉 I immediately choose and submit the skip-a-month form as I know I could always decide to change my mind and receive a box, but don’t have to worry that I’ll forget to actually submit the form.

    I started subscribing to Glossybox in June and have overall really enjoyed each box. I also subscribe to Birchbox, but not sure for how much longer. And I loved my first two boxes (May and June) and have felt the boxes decline a bit since then. Although I did l like the full size razor and pixi shadow stick in the Aug box since the razor alone retails for approx $10.

    I recently subscribed to Ipsy (formally known as MyGlam) and cannot wait for the box to arrive as it contains a min. of 2 full size items. And I already know exactly what is coming (albeit specific colors may vary) as they said that for the first time that they are actually listening to peoples profiles it is the box I am currently most excited for/ looking forward to.

    I was sent a box to review from Starlook’s Starbox which is entirely cosmetics. And each box contains a min. value of $35 (for $15 + $1.98 shipping) and all the items come from their own cosmetic line. And even Starlooks is getting on the customized boxes as we were all asked what catagory our skin tone falls into as it has something to to with at least one of the items in the November box. They also asked what month we’re born in so that we’ll each receive something special in our boxes during our birth months. I’ve heard that their eye shadows have been said to be just as good/same formula as MAC (since I don’t own any MAC can’t say that for myself). We’re told that each Starbox will include 3-4 FULL sized items in each box. And like Julep they use the box to announce the release of new items.

    While I haven’t had a chance to post my review of Sept’s box just yet, I can tell you that I received a whopping 6 full sized items! I received a pot of clear eyeshadow base, a bonus item of a few Swarovski crystal flatbacks that can be attached near ones eyes with last glue, a quartz crystal that they started to include in each box in July, and a monographic 5 shade shadow palette where each shade is an opalescent sheen (in the colors yellow, white, pink, blue-ish/purple-ish, and green) and can be used by itself, as a base under other shadows, or even over other shadows. The palette alone retails for $30 and a guess-timate (prices were not available last I checked) of $10-15 or so for the clear shadow base.

    However I do have reviews of their June-Aug boxes on my blog. I have to say at this point that Starlook’s Starbox and Glossybox are by far my favorite boxes since every item in the Starbox is full sized and at least 2 items in each Glossybox are full sized. I am a new subscriber on your blog and would appreciate it if you’d consider visiting my blog and following back.

    I don’t know if you’ve heard of the FREE sampling service, Sircle Samples (and a related site called Is That Odd, though overall I like Sircle Samples better). Basically after receiving an invite, signing up, and waiting to there to be space, you take daily surveys and stuff each coins which you can then use to “purchase” items when they appear in your ‘shop’. Its one of the few free sampling programs I know of. A couple others are BzzAgent and Swaggable.

    If you are at all interested in any of those I would be more than happy to send you an invite. Also I’m sure you are very aware of how referral programs can help bloggers be able to continue to do reviews on their blogs and so if you do decide to try out Starlook’s Starbox or (formally MyGlam) I would be extremely appreciative if you would please consider mentioning my name (Jaclyn Cotton) or blog Jaclyn’s Musings. I’d ask you to do the same for Glossybox, but I read that you have already purchased a subscription.

    Anyways, I sorry that my comment ended up being soooo long. I look forward to hearing from you and continuing to read yoru blog.
    Happy Blogging!
    *Please Note: In order to post this comment I had to sign into or connect my old WordPress.COM account to twitter or facebook even though I currently use/blog with WordPress.ORG. I choose to connect my old .com account to twitter.

    1. Jaclyn! You are my new, absolute favorite reader!! THANK YOU for such an amazing comment full of fabulous info! I’m at work right now but as soon as I have an opportunity I will be checking out your blog and subscribing; you clearly have a lot of great information and opinions! I can’t wait to read!

      I’ve checked out Ipsy and have thought about subscribing. I’m not familiar with the other boxes you mentioned but I’m excited to read your posts and do some further investigating!

      Thank you so much for reading, commenting, subscribing and following on twitter! You can expect a new follower in me!!!

      I would love to stay connected and I will most likely take you up on your offer to invite me to some of those other subscription boxes!

      Thanks again, Jaclyn! Looking forward to reading your reviews!

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