Birchbox News


…still waiting, Birchbox. As I have previously mentioned, there was a “shipping error” on Birchbox’s behalf and my September box would be delivered to me late. I came to find out that I wasn’t the only one; apparently, many people’s September Birchbox will be arriving late.

I received my email on Sept 20 and usually a few days after I get my tracking number, my Birchbox arrives. It’s been a week now. I’m getting antsy… so I decided to hunt for some spoilers.

I had no idea Birchbox had so many various boxes during any given month. Zadidoll has compiled all the possible September Birchboxes, Birchbox: The September 2012 Boxes Check it out if you haven’t received your September Birchbox either. Frankly, I’m disappointed with all of them. There’s definitely some boxes I would much rather receive than others though.

Earlier today, I received another email from Birchbox and if you’re a Birchbox subscriber, you probably got one too (Check your spam folder if you haven’t gotten it).

The email was asking whether I would like to receive my standard October Birchbox with the theme Transformation or a limited available Goop Birchbox.


I’ve visited Goop a couple of times before but I don’t frequent the site because everything is uber expensive. It’s often described, by critics, as a guide for spoiled rich white woman… That’s exactly why I opted for the Goop Birchbox for October. I’m really hoping its full of super luxe sweetness!

It’s only 2am on this fantastic Friday and according to the tracking number, today should be the day I receive my September Birchbox. Unfortunately, I can’t play with my goodies right away because I work this evening. (Speaking of work, I have some exciting news about that to share next post!)

Thanks for reading! And thanks to my new subscribers!!

Love, GK


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