Kisses and Bows

Kind of a grey day; my clothes, not the weather. This morning when I walked out to my car I was thrilled to feel the cool autumn breeze. Unfortunately, the taste of fall was entirely too short lived and it go too ef’ing hot by midday.

The flouncy top is Julie’s Closet. I got it at Ross for $8.99. The pattern is black and white stripes with red bows and it’s too thin to wear without a cami.

The grey trousers are identical to the tan ones I wore yesterday (other than in color). I haven’t used this bag in years so I figured I’d give it a day out.

My ugly black shoes.

I also love the bow “tie” at the neckline of the shirt.
I knew the red lips shades would be perfect with the red bows.

White, bumble bee Coach purse.

Black and silver peacock earrings. Bright red polish.

Messy, high bun with a thin headband.

and there you have it. Another day of Daily Threads and my 4th day at the new job complete. I’ve come to two conclusions after posting the last several days: 1.) I need to touch up my makeup after work. 2.) I need to find better places to shoot the pictures for my daily threads.

Oh! Today was quite an exciting day at work. I recorded 8 commercials for 3 clients today to be run on our station over the next few weeks (and months)! Kind of neat… I’m stoked about it.

Thanks for reading. Love, GK


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