GlossyBox : Spa Luxe : Oct. ’12

This month, I received my very first GlossyBox! I am beyond impressed with what I received especially compared to what I received in my October Goop Birchbox. Here’s the loot:

Even the packaging is impressive!

It all looked so pretty, I almost didn’t want to unwrap it… almost.

The theme of this month’s box is Spa Luxe 2012.

I am so thrilled at the size of each one of the products I received (and they are not even full size! I find that hard to believe). Birchbox, eat your heart out. This is more than worth the $21 subscription cost each month.

Alright, lets take a look at each product individually. I will be issuing a ♥ rating as I have done in the past with my Birchbox reviews. 5 ♥ Max per item and this box is potentially worth 25 ♥s. Let the fun begin!

1.) Alterna Bamboo – Luminous Shine Mist :: Full Size $22 (4oz) – ♥♥♥♥ – I really like these Alterna Bamboo finishing products. I had previous tried their Color Care UV+ Fade Proof Fluide when it arrived in my July Birchbox. I rated the fluide 1♥ at that time and although I stand by my rating, I will say that I have used the fluide since then because of the shine it provides. This Shine Mist is absolutely perfect for me. I may not be willing to trade my regular hair serum for the bamboo fluide, but I can totally dig adding this spray to the end of my hair routine.

Ingredients include Indian gooseberry and organic bamboo. This Luminous Shine Mist helps to control frizz and flyaways while adding a beautiful shine to your hair. I plan on keeping this baby in my purse for touch-ups while out and about. Frizz and Flyaways are always an issue for me. Now, I have a little secret weapon in my arsenal.

2.) Basq Skin Care – Calm Resilient Body Oil :: Full Size $6 (0.26oz) – ♥♥♥ – This “sample” is bigger than the “full size”. Although this confuses me a little, I’m certainly not complaining. I gave this oil a test try on my knees that were looking very dry yesterday. It definitely accomplished what it promises which is to provide skin with intense moisturization and repair. I also applied this to a scar, just under my knee, and it seemingly helped reduces the red look of this scar.

This product promises to strengthen, tone and protect skin with skin essential omegas. Time will tell if this is true and I will be using this product until the last drop. It smells great and absorbs quickly; really nice to put on before bed. I doubt I will ever buy this product though which is why I only rated this 3 ♥s.

3.) Heartland Fragrances – Exfoliating Loofa Soap :: Full Size $8 (6oz) – ♥♥♥ – I really like this soap. I wouldn’t replace my usual body soap with this one but every once in a while, this is a delicious treat. First of all, it smells amazing! Its soft and my skin felt great after rinsing. The loofa encased in the soap is an awesome idea that I have never seen before. In my first use of this soap this morning, I got a bit of the loofa to emerge and help buff my skin. I wouldn’t buy this again, at least not for myself but I would be totally jazzed to receive some as a gift and would definitely consider buying this as a gift for someone else.

The awesome blood orange scent really helped wake me up this morning and the citrus helps to improve circulation. Not only is it a sweet indulgence, its good for you too!

4.) Illamasqua – Nail Varnish in “Alarm” :: Full Size $14 (0.5oz) – ♥♥♥♥♥ – This is another full sized product in my October GlossyBox. (God, I love my GlossyBox). After only one coat, I had fantastic coverage in a beautiful, bold color. (Orange-tinted Red). After the second coat, it looked even better. I applied this polish last night before bed and it dried semi-quickly but it has not chipped at all from then until now. Usually when I take a shower I get a bit of a chip somewhere and once I do my hair I get a few more. Not with this varnish. So far, it’s holding up better than most.

I would definitely invest $14 in another one of these. When the color looks so great and last longer than a day, it’s worth it. (Please excuse the mess, snapped the pic before touching up.)

SIDE NOTE :: Nail Tip – to clean up edges, I use an old makeup brush (a thin liner brush), dipped in nail polish remover, and I carefully run the brush around the edges of my nails. A very thin paint brush will work just as well.

5.) Modelco – Lip Duo Lipstick & Ultra Shine Lip Gloss :: Full Size $39 (0.13oz lipstick & 0.07oz lip gloss) – ♥♥♥♥♥ – My absolute favorite item I received is this fabulous lipstick and gloss duo from Model co. The gloss color is a fun, light pinky-peach and the lipstick is a bit more neutral.

Not only does this duo look fab, it smells delicious! It has a bit of a fruity smell and taste. It covers nicely too; not too thick, definitely not too thin. If Goldilocks were looking for the perfect lip duo, this would be it.

You can wear the lipstick and gloss separate or layer it as I did above. There’s a little mirror on the black center but it really isn’t good for anything. Regardless of whether you’re applying the lipstick or lip gloss, you can’t use this mirror… you’re holding it and swiping it across your face. I’m actually worried it’ll break in my purse thus giving me bad luck for 7 years! -eek.

I’ll have to wait to see if this is truly long lasting as it claims. If so, I would consider buying this in the future. I sincerely doubt I will though; $40 is an investment in cosmetics and I’d rather invest in a company I know is worth it. I’m still determining whether or not Model co is one of them.

So, how did my October GlossyBox stand up this month? 20♥s out of 25♥s. Not too shabby at all! Out of all five products, I would purchase 4 of them in the future. I am so thrilled at how happy I am with my very first GlossyBox! From the packaging to the products, this box is completely fabulous. I am so pleased with my subscription and hope my future GlossyBoxes are as good (if not better!) Am I a total hoarder for keeping my beautiful little box? (They’re perfect for organizing my products!)

Thank you so much for reading! Please check back later today for my October Goop Birchbox review. (It’s not going to be pretty…)

Love, GK

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