November Julep Maven Sneak Peek

After receiving my September Julep Maven box of polishes, I said I would be canceling before receiving my October box. The, I said I was going to wait on canceling, just to see what was inside the October box. I also said, “don’t be surprised if this time next month you’re reading Julep Maven :: October”.

Well, I didn’t get an October box but I didn’t cancel either. Per usual, I waited until the last minute and was unable to cancel my subscription. Instead, I “skipped a month” which is a fantastic option that Julep gives their Julep Maven subscribers. I skipped October and was notified recently of what my November box would contain. It’s nothing overly impressive and for yet another month, I have elected to swap my It Girl box with an other, the Bombshell box. In the past, I had elected to receive the Boho Glam box over my It Girl box multiple times.

However, the only reason that I am due to receive a November Julep Maven box is because I earned enough Julep Jules to receive it for free. I earned these Jules by referring other subscribers and just being loved by Julep. When they launched their new and improved, they awarded Julep Mavens a few hundred Juleps just for being us. Thanks, Julep!

I was never unhappy with Julep or their Julep Maven program. I will admit that their polishes are less than the absolute best quality but they are more than decent and over the last several months, I’ve received some adorable colors and shades. The reason I will be ending my time as a Julep Maven is because I would rather receive my GlossyBox each month for $21 over the Julep Maven box for $19.99. I am a total nail polish junkie, but I think I have enough Julep polishes for now. It’s just time to move on.

November will be the absolute very last box I receive from Julep. I cashed in my Jules and it’ll be on it’s way soon. I wanted to write this post, not only to update readers on the status of one of my subscription beauty boxes, but to also applaud the amazing customer service team at Julep. When I checked how many point I had, I noticed that 1000 of them had not been transferred from the old site to the new one. I wrote a short message to their customer service department and in an extremely timely fashion, my 1000 Jules had been applied to my account with a “We’re so sorry” message. I was impressed with their swift action. The next day, I received an email from a customer service member apologizing again for the mistake. There was really no need to apologize the first time let alone a second time but it felt good to have a company care that I am taken care of and receive what I am owed and to do all this is a very timely fashion.

After my post the other day, in which I shared my extreme upset with Birchbox, their crappy one-time use samples, their inattentive and copy-and-paste master customer service team and their overall horribleness, I wanted to share a story about an experience with a great customer service team. Thank you, Julep!

Here’s a sneak peek at my November, Bombshell, Julep Maven Box.

I only wish I had these two nail colours now. They would go with my peacock Halloween costume fabulously! Speaking of my peacock costume: I have been searching for makeup inspiration and practicing my look this week. After I receive my order from Sephora this afternoon, I’ll have even more goodies to play with! I’ll be sure to post pics and I may even make this my first tutorial video… probably not though. I’m horrible about doing these things I claim I’ll do… I’m a liar, basically, is what I’m driving at. Or at the very least, the worst kind of procrastinator.

Thanks for reading! If you’re interested in becoming a Julep Maven, I’ve included a link below. If you click my link, I can earn some more of those Julep Jules and maybe I’ll receive a December box for free as well! I just need two of you to sign up via my link! Also, keep in mind, as I’ve posted in the past, you can find a coupon code for a Julep Maven subscription online, each month, that will earn you your very first box for just a penny (or some other awesome deal). Just google “Julep Maven coupon code” and use the most recent one. You can cancel at anytime and like I mentioned earlier, you can skip a month whenever you need to or select a different box to receive. When you do sign up, you’ll receive your own personalized link to share with friends, readers and followers to earn those Julep Jules. Its definitely worth at least a one month try!

Become a Julep Maven

Thanks again! Love, GK



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