GlossyBox : ‘Tis The Season To Be Glossy : Nov. ’12


Alrighty. Posting this late and retrodating it so it will archive as a November post… It’s not entirely my fault though; I did receive my November 2012 GlossyBox several days into December… just sayin’.  Jumping right into it, since I’ve procrastinated enough recently:

Illamasqua – Lip & Eye Medium Pencil – RUMP – :: Full Size $20 :: I would’ve never picked out this beautiful periwinkle blue but I’ll be damned it isn’t gorgeous. Glides on beautifly. Covers nicely. I’m beginning to really love Illamasqua makeup. This is my second product of theirs, both from GlossyBox, and I think I will be making some purchases of my own in the near future.

I definitely have to post a better picture of this color because this shot doesn’t capture the beauty at all. It’s much darker. and brighter. and more purpley.


Inoco – Nail Polish Applique :: Full Size $8 :: I haven’t tried these or even opened them. I’ll have to let you know how they work. These aren’t like drug store nail stickers, though. These appliques are 100% nail polish: base coat, color coat and top coat all in one. I like the color…


Kryolan for GlossyBox – Blush – GLOSSY ROSEWOOD – :: Full Size $9 :: I love this blush! Having worked in theatre for over 10 years (and having many friends who do drag), I’ve come across Kryolan before but never really considered them for regular wear. I absolutely love this blush. It’s perfectly pigmented and last long. The color is perfect for my skin tone too! This is my favorite item in this month’s box! The Illamasqua liner was a very close second but this blush is amazing! And just like with the liner, this picture isn’t a very good depiction of this blusher. Must post a better pic… and a swatch… oooh.


Arganics by NuMe Style – Argan Oil :: Full Size $59 (4oz) :: It’s nice. I won’t buy it again, I don’t believe. I am definitely a fan of Morocan and Argan oils since I have such dry hair but the beauty market is completely saturated with similar products that provide similar benefits in hair health; there’s really nothing that stands out about this one. Still very nice to have and use, though.


Skin & Co. Roma – Truffle Serum: Hydo-tonig Day Face Serum :: Full Size $36 (1.01 oz) :: I, obviously, have not had prolonged use with this serum so I cannot attest to it’s anti aging effects and what not but I can say that it does feel very nice. It does make the skin feel a bit tight in order to “tone”. It wasn’t uncomfortable though.


GlossyBox also threw in a $100 credit to NuMe (that I fully intend on using) and discounts for Skin & Co. I’ll take it!

Better late than never, right? With the holidays in full swing, I’ve been pretty swamped and the review posts have been piling up. I promise to get it together… eventually.

Thanks for reading! Love, GK

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