As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, when I recently paid a visit to Ulta, I walked away with a pretty sweet haul. In addition to the Smashbox Complexion Try It Kit that I posted about yesterday, I also took advantage of Ulta’s BOGO 1/2 off sale on NYX products.

Now, I’ve never really been a huge fan of NYX but I’ve used a few of their products that I liked. However, I’m a sucker for a sale and couldn’t pass up their deal. Here’s what I picked up: NYX Roll On Eye Shimmer, NYX Blush, NYX Cream Eye Shadows.


If you were to purchase a pale pink or more neutral shade of the roll on shimmer, you could also use it for added glam for a night out on your chest/clavicle area… but the Onyx that I purchased would just make me look dirty if I did that…

NYX Roll On Eye Shimmer in Onyx


NYX Powder Blusher


When I was picking out a couple of Cream Eye Shadows, I decided to go bold and fun with the colors since I don’t wear NYX all that often; I figured, it’d be nice to have some funky colors to play with on the right occassion.

NYX Cream Shadow in Deep Purple (CRS04)


NYX Cream Shadow in Deep Blue (CRS13)


There you have it. My NYX BOGO 1/2 Off purchases from Ulta.

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