[semi] recent MAC additions


It was actually a couple of weeks ago that I added these beauties to my vanity but since I’ve been MIA on the blogging-front (again) for a bit, I didn’t have a chance to show-off my new goodies!


First up: MAC Brow Set in A62 Girl Boy. Its terribly hard finding a good eyebrow pencil for my ginger hairs so I typically use a brown pencil; This brow set adds a bronze-y highlight to my brows.


MAC Powder Blush in Style. I’ve been needing a more orange-hued blush and this one provides the perfect copper glow.


MAC Matte Lipstick in Diva and MAC Frost Lipstick in Meltdown. Sticking with my orange-y them and caving to my love of deep reds, I adore both of these babies.

Thanks for reading!

Love GK

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