Glossybox : All You Need For Fall : Sept. ’13

September 2013 :: Glossybox :: All You Need For Fall


My September Glossybox arrived yesterday (yes, I’m shocked at my turn-around on this post also) and it is quite a fantastic box! I am more please with this months Glossybox than I have been with recent boxes. I’m very excited about each of these products so I’m going to jump right in!

  • Oceane – Makeup Remover Pen – What a fabulous new must-have for me! I don’t know if pens like these have been around for a bit or are a recent development but it is certainly a brilliant new concept to me and I have positively stoked about receiving this. I gave it a try last night and do believe this sweet angel will save me when I make an application oopsy. When I first opened this pen I thought it was to assist in the removal of your daily makeup, the stuff you cant get close enough to with a cloth. I was so disappointed that instead of removing my liner for a night of sweet slumber it instead smudged it around [creating quite a beautiful smokey line, however]. Once I read the glossy description, I realized its true purpose and experimented to find it does, indeed, do it’s job which is to remove the mistakes made when putting your face on. Love this product!
  • Be A Bombshell – Eyeliner Pen in OnyxI LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! [kicking leg high in the air as I purch on my desk chair as Joyologist, Helen Madden would]. Beautiful black onyx, smooth application, durable and not easily smudged: The perfect liner for a flawless and dramatic classic look. Also with Halloween coming up, this could come in very good handy! It’s like using a Sharpie… and I love that.
  • Emite Makeup – Eyelash  Curler – I have several eyelash curlers: a cheap one, I have the same cheap one but newer and I have an even cheaper than ‘the cheap one’ one. I’m a big fan of curling my lashes and this curler by Emite does it far more comfortably than my others. I don’t have to squeeze hard and go back for second and third rounds with this curler. I guess I never realized the importance in a higher quality lash curler; you live and you learn and you get more beautiful!
  • BCBGMAXAZRIA – Bon Genre Eau De Parfum – I like this scent a lot. When first applied, there’s a soft citrus amongst the floral. After it settles, aerates and bio-chem has kicked in, the scent  softens yet is not undetectable. A delicate femininity teaming with a vibrant up-beatness. Anyway, I like it on me.
  • Nioxin – Diamax Treatment – Glossybox, have you seen my hair? Thickness isn’t a big issue. However, this treatment is also intended to prevent breakage and strengthen hair. Cooler weather is just around the corner and when I wear my hair straight, it is, obviously, less voluminous than in its curly state. Perhaps a little more fullness will do my straightened locks some good this winter. I’m excited to use this and since this is a full bottle, I’m pretty jazzed.

Fantastic box this month, Glossybox! Absolutely wonderful! I’ve been planning on making September my last Glossybox. I received my first in October last year so I made it the entire year (which I can not say about Birchbox. blech) but I think it’s time I move on, at least for now. Who knows? I may decide to resubscribe in the future… OR I may login to cancel, do some glossydot math and possible receive one more on the house. (I should really check this out…) What I’m saying is that this will probably be my last Glossybox review [for now] but i just might have anther one in me. Check back and see!

Thank you so much for reading! And a special thank you to all my subscribers from the beginning: I know my blogging gets a bit willy-nilly from time to time and I space-out only to pop up out of nowhere with far too many post alerts; I just want to say how very much I appreciate you guys staying subscribers and for welcoming me back so enthusiastically each time. It means a lot. To all my new subscribers: thank you too! I’m so glad you found your way to ginger-kate and decided to return!

Love, GK

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