Glossybox : Byrdie Box : Oct. ’13


October 2013 Glossybox US

Byrdie Box

This month, Glossybox US sent out another special edition box. This time, they partnered with I’ve been pretty diappointed with Glossybox for a while now. If you’re a regular reader, you know I’ve been threatening to cancel my subscription for the past couple of months. I wanted to hang in for this special edition box, so here it is, October 2013’s Byrdie Glossybox US:

  • Tarte – Lights, Camera, Flashes Statement Mascara This is a full size product and the product I’m most excited to receive this month! The Application wand has two distinct side, one with more flexible bristles for layering product, the other with stiffer bristles to break-up lashes and avoid clumping. I’m a huge fan of Tarte products and am loving this mascara!!
  • Bvlgari – Eau Parfumee Au The Vert Eau De Cologne Smells ok; smells more like something my mother would enjoy. It’s clean. I’ve said it before and I hate having to say it again: Enough with this Bvlgari bathroom stuff. Come on already…
  • Sesha – Renu Exfoliating Gel Wow! Honestly, Wow! This exfoliater does it’s job and so gently! You don’t feel a bunch of scrubby bits, but as you massage it into your skin, the dead skin just rubs right off. After rinsing, my skin feels AMAZING! I love this product!
  • Balance Me – Shine On Tinted Lip Slave in Super Soft Beige A very subtle tint, this lip salve feels great! It feels so fresh and tingley! It smooths, hydrates and adds gloss to lips and it’s 100% natural organic!
  • Fresh – Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream Anther face moisturizer… This isn’t the first product from Fresh I’ve sampled thanks to Glossybox; their products are great quality with great ingredients. This face cream is no different. It smells like cucumbers too! I’m just ready bored with face creams in my monthly boxes.

Overall I’m pleased with the products I received inspite of the yawn-inspiring reaction it gave me. I’m going to stick out my Glossybox subscription for one more month and then cancel. It’s been fun, Glossybox, but I’m just not as impressed as I used to be.


Thanks for reading!

Love, GK

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