Ipsy Glam Bag : 19 Reasons : Jan. ’14

January 2013 Ipsy Glam Bag

“19 Reasons [2014 Will Be Amazing]”


I waited longer than usual to receive January’s Glam Bag and I’m not overly excited about it. I don’t hate it. I’m not disappointed or anything. It just fails to ignite that cosmetic fire in my soul. I like all of the products and will use them, of course, but nothing in this bag got me particularly jazzed. 2 of the products I’ve received previously (the conditioning spray and the makeup remover wipes) and I thoroughly enjoy them but I’ve received them before. I like them; I have and will purchase them on my own. You did your job, Ipsy. I want to try new stuff!

  • Sexy HairHealthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-wheat Leave-In Conditioner – Like I said, I’ve used this before. It works well enough at helping to “reconstruct” strands while nourishing them. Soy and Cocoa; protein providing and moisturizing.
  • Elizabeth MottSmooth Shadow in Penny – I’ve yet to test the longevity of this gel liner but I do know it applies easily and smudges well. I like the color and, strangely, didn’t already have a brassy gold liner.
  • LeeAnni Eco3 in 1 Revolotion – The packaging is a little homemadey but I suppose it adds to the charm of this small, eco-friendly and gluten free skin beauty company. In this post hipsterpocolypse world, it seems this company has the chance of taking off like a rocket. Cynicisms aside, after applying the 3 in 1 Revolotion (toner, serum and lotion) and liking how it felt, I checked out their site and liked what I read. I plan on trying more of their products if I continuing to enjoy the Revolotion after multiple uses. (Plus, I think the name is clever)
  • Absolute!Makeup Cleansing Tissues – As mentioned above, I’ve used these awesome makeup remover wipes before. They really are fantastic. I usually use the Neutrogena makeup removing wipes but I prefer the way these wipes leave my face feeling: cleaner and fresher. They’re comparable to the YesTo Cucumber face cloths I’m so fond of.
  • MicaBeautyTinted Lip Balm in Fiesta – I’ve been a fan of MicaBeauty products for a long time and over the past year have received several of their products in my monthly deliveries; this lip balm perpetuates my fanship for MB products. The color is a medium bright pink for a simple but fun berry lip.


A closer look at the Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow Pencil and MicaBeauty Lip Balm

Overall, I’m pleased with this month’s goodies but I’m hoping next months bag will really wow me with some awesome products or turn me on to some brands.

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