My New Makeup Organizer Drawers!

After many different configurations, however carefully plotted, I was still unhappy with how I was organizing all my cosmetics. Having grown out of my makeup-novice-caboodle stage a long time ago, I had come up with several creative and, other times, not so creative ways of storing all my “paints” and brushes. Most times than not, I relied upon the office supply aisle to provide me with what I thought would be the best new way to house my makeup.

After much buzz on youtube and other blogs about clear acrylic makeup drawers, I looked into buying some. When I first looked into these, about a year ago, I only found incredibly overpriced ones. I put off my reorganization until recently and began my quest again. This time, I found Muji. I did my research and found that other makeup mavens were very happy with their orders. Muji provides several options of drawer sizes and counts.

I decided upon (1) 5 Drawer Case for $27.95 :: W26 x D17.5 x H16cm (W10.4 x D7 x H6.4″), appox H1″ each drawer. And (2) 2 Drawer Cases each $25.25 :: W25.5 x D17 x H9.5cm (W10.2 x D6.8 x H3.8″), each drawer is approx. 1.5″ deep.

Knowing better now, I wouldn’t have purchased the 5 Drawer Case. That half an inch depth makes a lot of difference and I would’ve prefered to go with more 2 Drawer cases instead. I’m not unhappy with my purchase though and will utilize the 5 shallower drawers just fine. The 2 Drawer cases stack perfect on each other and are made to do so. The 5 Drawers do not… I mean, they’re plastic boxes so they will definitely sit one on top of the other but they aren’t built to “lock” into each other perfectly like the 2 drawers are.

photo 1

While shopping at Marshall’s, I came across a few smaller pieces for really great prices and just couldn’t pass them up. Each of these organizers range from $4.99-$7.99

photo 2

When I finally began organizing my makeup, I found that my collection couldn’t be contained, at least not as neatly as I would like them to be, with only these drawers. (I even threw out A LOT!) I read a great review on a friend’s blog, Fancieland about similar sets of drawers she picked up from Bed Bath & Beyond and took a trip over there to buy a few myself. 

Each of these 3 Drawer cases is :: W9.45″ x H4.25″ x D5.325″. I believe each drawer is about 1.25″ deep (they are a bit deeper than my 5 drawers but not as deep as the 2 drawers.) Each was $14.99 and Bed Bath & Beyond seems to carry them regularly. (Use those 20% coupons!)

photo 4

I’m smack dab in the middle of a late-spring cleaning overhaul and part of that includes getting my makeup/vanity better situated. I will definitely share the outcome of my cosmetic organization soon!

Thanks for reading!

Love, GK



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