Doctor Who Deep Breath Wrap-up

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I’m finally getting around to posting about all the fun I had surrounding the premier of Doctor Who Series 8’s episode, Deep Breath last week. Most of the reason it took me so long to post this one is because I have been kicking ass at Quiz Up’s new Doctor Who (revived) quizzes. I’ve already achieved much success with Quiz Up’s Doctor Who quizzes and this one, that focus entirely on the reboot seasons is no different!

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Bam, Suckahs! I accept all challenges!!

So let’s get to what I thought of the episode. First of all, I am absolutely already in love with the 12th doctor! I am so looking forward to this new who chapter with Peter Capaldi. Next, Clara stole the flipping’ show this time. This team seems like it’s going to be a lot of fun (and probably pretty painful) to watch.

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Some other thoughts included:

  • “Ummm, life’s tough, get a helmet, new-to-who fans. We don’t all get post-regen phone calls from “our” Doctor…” This bitterness didn’t keep me from crying like a pre-menstral teen who has just been stood-up on prom night, however. When I shared this thought with my sister (who considers 11 “her” Doctor, she replied: “You’ve got a human version of “your” Doctor out there in a parallel universe… so let me have this!” I couldn’t argue.
  • “Why do these clockwork android things have such an obsession with revolutionary France’s female figures?”
  • “Why is Vastra such an uppidy bitch sometimes?”
  • “I want Jenny’s blue vest… I’m gunna make one!”
  • “How would The Doctor have returned the dinosaur to her proper time?” and “That dino-death sure was sad…”
  • “Who the f*ck is this deranged Mary Poppins, Missy? And is this “heaven” the same garden Amy was hanging in while she waited and got ubes old?”

photo 4

…yeah. Think about that. But of course, I’m asking “Is Missy The Master? Master… Mistress… Missy…” but she’s calling The Doctor her boyfriend: “Is Missy River?” I don’t think she’s River but she might be The Master. There were rumors The Master would return this season, after all.

The Deep Breath fun continued on Monday night when my sister and I went to a theater viewing of the episode. It’s always fun watching some Who on the big screen and there were surprisingly very few people in the theater (only 12 people… which is fitting.) I was disappointed because the group of Whovians in attendance weren’t the usual plucky, friendly sort of people. They were kind of boring and gave the theater staff a hard time when the trivia portion of the film, at the beginning, looped one too many times. (I made a joke about being stuck in a time loop but nobody seemed to think it was very funny.) Things happen… roll with the punches… The Doctor wouldn’t have been mean to the movie theater staff. Rudeness. But we had a good time and dressed accordingly.

photo 3

I’m excited about Series 8! Tonight, we get to see episode 2 complete with Daleks and a hunky love interest (?) for Clara.

Thanks for reading! Love, GK


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