My #nerdvember Master Post

This year, I participated in Set To Stunning‘s #nerdvember contest. Each day, during the month of November, participants can earn an entry into the contest by posting a nerdy inspired outfit of the day. Those who entered 1-10 days qualify for Tier 1 : The Sidekick. 11-20 Days, Tier 2 : The Vigilante. 21-29 Days, Tier 3 : The Hero and All 30 Days is Tier  4 : The Superhero. I jumped in on the 9th day of the contest so posting everyday for the rest of the month, I’ll qualify for the “Hero”. (For full contest info and rules, check out the official post.)

I had so much fun with this photo challenge and even made some pretty rad instagram friends along the way. (For more information on each of these looks, check out my instagram @gingerkate )

Thanks for reading! Love, GK


photo 2

photo 1



2014nerdvember16    2014nerdvember15

2014nerdvember14   2014nerdvember13













5 thoughts on “My #nerdvember Master Post

  1. Your manicure is beyond amazing!! Did you do your nails yourself or have them done? Love the whole look too ❤

    1. Thank you!! I did these myself BUT the artwork is not to my credit. Cheesy as they may be, I absolutely swear by ImPress Press-On nails. They have some really adorable sets, application is as simple as pressing them right onto a clean nail and because they don’t require glue, they don’t demolish my real nails. Anytime my nail lengths get crazy uneven or if I’m just wanting something fun, I use them. They stay looking good for over a week and they’re only about $5 a pack. One gripe is that their sizes are pretty small and narrow. Thanks again!

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