Prep for MegaCon 2015

Tomorrow, my two companions and I head to MegaCon 2015 in Orlando! I wanted to share some the prep work I did for my Tenth Doctor cosplay as well as my TARDIS tote bag!



It is a very rare thing that you have such amazing thrift store luck but when the cosplay gods smile upon you, they smile big. When my sister and I went thrift store shopping for our Doctor Who cosplay pieces, our first stop produced both Tennant-style suits: blue with red stripes and brown with white stripes. The stripes on the brown suit are supposed to be light blue but how amazing are these two finds?! I made some alternations to the blue suit for MegaCon, breaking out the sewing machine my ex got me years ago.

In need of a large bag to lug around the con, I used an old tote bag and an old TARDIS t-shirt to make this little gem. I added some of my nerdy “flair” to create my new Con Bag.


I wish I had documented my alternations better but I was working on a time crunch (as usual). Thanks for reading!

Love, GK

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