D.I.Y. – Fourth Doctor’s Scarf

The other night, a bunch of my cosplay friends and I made a night of some cosplay karaoke and had a blast. I really wanted to do a simple Fourth Doctor look but needed his iconic scarf. Since I happened to have a two-colored scarf and some fabric spray paint, I decided to make one!


I used a couple of thin painting canvases for my straight edges but you can use anything you’re willing to spray paint all over. I used towels to work on so they would absorb the extra paint; a slick surface would’ve made for a lot of mess and mistakes. The scarf I had for years and the paint I had recently picked up at wal-mart on clearance (it’s normally found in the same aisle as tie-dye kits).

I laid out the scarf and using the straight edges, sprayed on my colors. All you really need is a basic knowledge of the color wheel and the paint mixes with the hues already on the scarf create all the various colors (red paint + blue fabric = purple, blue paint + yellow fabric = green, etc.). After each spray, I patted down the area with a spare rag to help push the color in and prevent a stiffening on the fabric.


I didn’t try to imitated the pattern on the original four scarf, I just spaced my colors out the way I liked and sprayed lines in various thicknesses. The paint dries pretty fast and once the first side was dry enough, I flipped it over and did the same on the reverse side. I hung it to dry for a little while and wore it later that day for the event. I received lots of kudos and compliments on my simple creation.

My next goal is to learn how to knit so I can really make my own!

Thanks for ready! Love, GK


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