Balthazar’s Band of Beauties Photos

March 5th & 6th, I participated in a one-of-a-kind Creep Walk with some of my Treasure Coast Cosplayers buddies at the inaugural Treasure Coast Freak Show 2015 Horror Con. Balthazar’s Band of Beauties is an original idea invented by one of my best friends, Steve (President and founder of The Treasure Coast Cosplayers). Back in October (during my blog sabbatical), we first brought this gruesome side show to life at our Halloween party. After that, the Horror Con organizers and promoters asked us if we would make a larger version as featured entertainment at Treasure Coast Freak Show. We were stoked. The original Band of Beauties only included a few of us, so this time around, we brought together more than double the amount of characters. All of us created our stories, costumes, makeup and sets. It was a group effort that showcased all of our individual talents and passions. It was truly an awesome experience!

We were quite the hit and the focus of lots of the media coverage for the con. We were even asked to give a private show to all the celebrity guests! Here’s a look at some of the fantastic photos a couple of truly talented photojournalists, Christopher Arnold and Molly Bartels, captured over the weekend.

Thanks for reading!

Love, GK

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