DIY: Star Trek Phaser Transformation


I already have a science officer (occasionally Ms. Spok) cosplay and I’m currently working on a femme-Kirk cosplay so, I thought it was about time for a proper, cosplay-worthy phaser.

I’m a budget cosplayer so I don’t spend $50+ on replica props (unless, of course I just got to have it). So when I went looking for a phaser, I chose the cheapest one Amazon has to offer. The only problem was this toy was bright blue and orange and I needed it to resemble the phasers of TOS. Naturally, I pulled out my box of crafty tricks and got to work.

To kick off Ginger-Kate’s BRAND NEW LAUNCH WEEK, I’m sharing a tutorial video on how to turn a tacky toy into an eye-catching and suitable prop for cosplaying or just to display.

I’ve been trying to get more into making and editing videos so bare with the production quality. For instance, between voiceover bits, you can hear me click the button to stop recording… maybe I just have a heavy hand?

I hope you all enjoy my video and I welcome readers both old and new to the new and improved

Don’t forget, you can also find me on facebook at GingerKate Cosplay, on YouTube @xgingerkate, on instagram @g.i.n.g.e.r.k.a.t.e, and on tumblr!

Thanks for reading and get ready for an exciting week full of some really great material!

xoxo, GK

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