Stay Golden Cosmetics Review

You may have seen their adds recently popping up on your facebook and instagram feeds: Stay Golden Cosmetics. They’re the ones advertising beautiful, sparkling lips perfect for a night out. Well, I’m a bit of a magpie so I couldn’t resist and ordered two of their advertised Cosmo Glitter lip kits. I figured these would be the perfect answer to the glitter lip look I normally do with my Poison Ivy cosplays.

One of those I purchased is a basic, silvery-white glitter called Stellar and the other a bright fiery pink-red one called So Fairy. In my newest video, I give them a test and let you know if they really work like the say they do and my opinion on their quality, look and durability.

If you’re interested in trying these out for yourself and would like to buy a kit, check out the Stay Golden Cosmetics website to order yours!

If you’ve tried any Stay Golden products or something similar and want to share your thoughts, leave a comment!

xoxo, GK

***It came to my attention, after filming this review video, that what I purchased was indeed NOT a “lip kit” but simply a “small jar of glitter” as I refer to it in the video. Stay Golden DOES sell complete lip kits that include the bond gloss. I seem a little disappointment in the video and may even drop a snarky line BUT I have realized my mistake ANNNND I even recently ordered a complete lip kick to try as well as some extra bond gloss. I purchased the Burlesque Glitter Lip Kit since I love a good red lip and it’ll go with my Poison Ivy cosplay. Be sure to check back for that review and I am so excited to try out the full effect***



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