DIY: Halloween Rice Krispie Treats!

Here’s a super cute and super easy treat to make for Halloween. Make your usual Rice Krispie Treats but put a cute little Candy Corn spin on them by adding some food coloring and a circle pan to the process.

If you’ve never made Rice Krispie Treats, here’s a little video to get you going. The recipe is widely available with a simple google search but to achieve the Candy Corn look, you’ll need to portion out three batches to color separately. Your largest portion, dye yellow. Your second largest portion, dye orange. Your smallest portion, leave without dye. (Note: I’m making double the standard amount in my video to fill three circle pans.)

Once you have your Rice Krispie treat mixes portioned our and dyed, arrange all three colors in your circle pan(s) like so:

*Spraying your hands with nonstick cooking spray makes this process so much easier*

Then, after they’ve cooled down and settled, cut eight ways like a pizza and you’re done!

Halloween, Candy Corn Rice Krispie Treats!

Enjoy! xoxo, GK


– 12 cups of Rice Krispies

– 10 oz of Marshmallows (Minis work best)

– 1 stick of butter

– 2 tsps of vanilla extract

– Nonstick cooking spray

– Orange and Yellow food coloring.

– 3 circle pans