DIY: Deathly Hallows Halloween Wreath

My best friend recently came across a DIY for a Deathly Hallows wreath and we had to try for ourselves! Honestly, I think they came out pretty good! Another friend of ours decided to go for a fun, fall wreath. Both designs were really easy to make; with some decorative items, hot glue, and ribbon, I’d say we nailed it!

The most difficult part of the process for me was shaping the triangle around the circle. After we used more circular/spiral wreath material and having to stretch and straighten it, I would suggest you just use some twigs or sticks to achieve that (and some sticks from the yard is cheaper than store-bought wreath material…) For the center line, or the elder wand, we used some good looking sticks. I bound the outer triangle, center line and inner circle with some ribbon before carrying out the rest of my vision.

I used more ribbon around the entire wreath. Then, I added black fall leaves, black roses, and two halloween ornaments. In the end, I’m really happy with how it came out.

The other ladies’ wreaths came out great too!

Thats about it. If I had any other advice it would be to stay fueled with your own witches brew. Thanks for reading!

Xoxo, GK

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