DIY: Halloween Bottles

Here’s another super easy craft for adding to your Halloween decorations collection.

I recycled old wine bottles into some fun Halloween poisons and potions ingredients bottles. All I needed was some black chalkboard paint, sandpaper and/or nail file, and labels.

1.) Paint bottles with black chalkboard paint.

2.) Scuff up the paint with sandpaper or nail file.

3.) Stick handwritten labels on each bottle (or don’t, whatever you want.)

4.) Insert fairy lights

That’s it! Not including paint drying time, which wasn’t very long, it took me about 15 minutes to make these. I didn’t worry too much about the painting because I knew I’d be scratching them up anyway and even mistakes I made on writing the labels was no big deal because they’re supposed to look old and weathered. I happened to have purple and green, wine-cork, fairy lights from a previous project but they can be ordered cheaply in just about any color.

Have fun! And thanks for reading!

xoxo, GK

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