DIY: Maternity Sash

A year ago today, we celebrated the upcoming arrival of Poppy with so many of our favorite people at our baby shower. I wanted to wear a nice maternity sash for the event but those things can be weirdly over-priced so I opted to make my own instead.

I thought I’d share how I made mine for any other moms to create their own and have it be completely customized for you and your celebration. I chose poppies for my Poppy and it was particularly poignant being that we celebrated on Veterans Day. Here’s what you’ll need:

⁃ Silk/Faux Flowers of your choosing.

⁃ 1 1/2-2 inch ribbon, long enough to go around your beautiful bump + room to tie a bow.

⁃ Hot glue and glue gun.

⁃ A small section of fabric to help stabilize the sash where your flowers will go.

⁃ Any other gems, beads, etc that you’d like to include.

First, measure off how long you’ll need your ribbon to be and cut the end at an angle to prevent fraying.

Next, find your middle and glue the fabric there where you’ll ultimately secure the flowers. I glued down one side and then folded each side over and applied more glue. (Don’t fret too much about perfection here bc everything will be hidden by the flowers.)

After you’ve de-stemmed your flowers, figure out how you’d like to arrange them before starting to glue. Once you’ve got an idea of how you’d like the flowers, start glueing!

(I decided to make a few poppy hairpins for my mom and sisters to wear for the day also. All that required was a dot of hot glue on the end of a sturdy bobby-pin.)

Cheap & Easy and you’ll feel even more beautiful for your baby shower! Thanks so much for reading. If you don’t already, please follow me on Instagram: @g.i.n.g.e.r.k.a.t.e and I’m also on FB @Ginger-Kate.

xoxo, GK

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