DIY Corset Back Alteration (No Sew)

I recently purchased one of my wish-list dresses and it fit everywhere except in the waist. I looked into my options for altering the dress to make it larger and there are a few:

  • Let it out at the seams (if you’re lucky enough to have a dress with seam allowance.)
  • Add panels into either the sides or the back.
  • Replace the zipper with a corset back

Since there wasn’t much seam allowance and I’m lazy, I opted for the latter and it was super easy. Almost too easy. Suspiciously easy for a complicated problem.

I watched a couple of videos to get an idea of how I was going to do this and did some amazon shopping for supplies. I considered buying a corset kit like THIS ONE but ended up going with grommets instead. After reading reviews on a few different grommet hole punches, I decided on THIS ONE and I was not disappointed.

I measured and marked where I wanted to punch each grommet first. To make the punching easier and cleaner, I suggest pre-cutting your holes especially if you’re working with multiple layers or thick fabric. I skipped right to punching in the grommets and with a little muscle, it was pretty easy.

In the end, it isn’t perfect but with the ribbon running throughout, the minor defects are hardly noticeable. Most importantly, I can wear my dress!


Thanks so much for reading! xoxo, GK

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