About Me

ginger kate [jin-jer kate] n. an old soul, artist, geek, bartender who is also a ginger.

I’m in love with art, history, music, fashion, photography, rock & roll and starbucks. I crave creating and seeing new places. I studied Latin, I have two dogs, my favorite dessert is more wine and I have too many bottles of nail polish.

ginger-kate.com is my little, narcissistic corner of the web where I’ll share whatever I want as if I’m cool enough for anyone to care.

…I get pretty jazzed about grilled cheese sandwiches too.

photo 1

11 thoughts on “About Me

      1. You have a “Home” and an “About Me” tab. Is it possible to make a tab of your art? Like a “Gallery” tab?

      2. All in due time my friend! A Category for my artwork is definitely coming along with tabs for some other bullsh*t too. (ps, I’m so happy you are perusing my blog!!!!)

    1. THANK YOU!!! What an awesome surprise! I’m currently making some changes to Ginger-Kate.com and I can’t wait to post this news and complete all the “rules”. Thanks again, Doll!

  1. Hi. I just wanted to let you know, that you are me. THAT’S ALL!
    I came across your site looking for domain names. I settled on Gingerartkatey.com
    gingers 4 eva

  2. I read your post about your Michael kors studio bag from a few years ago. I have the same problem and want to know if you can give me some info.

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