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Monthly review of Julep Maven box

Julep Maven #4 : Nov. ’12

Here it is. My final delivery as a Julep Maven. I have enjoyed my time as a Julep Maven but I have decided to cancel my subscription and pursue other cosmetics options. It’s not you, Julep, it’s me.

I hope you’ll check out my upcoming post reviewing all the polishes and other goodies I received from Julep since subscribing back in July. I’ll post that Julep review sometime in December but for now, let’s see what my November 2012 Julep Maven box brought to Ms. Ginger Kate, shall we?


Always delivered on time and wrapped up all pretty. Julep really does a great job with their Julep Maven services. Their customer service team is also quite amazing.


Although I was classified as an “It Girl” when I originally signed up to be a Julep Maven, I opted for the Bombshell Box this month. In the past I have swapped boxes as well. The ability to swap your intended box for another box each month is one of the features I liked most about being a Julep Maven. You also have the option of skipping a month or sending your box to a friend as a gift. All are great options for a subscription beauty box service.


The first polish I received is a deep, glittery purple. The color is named, Trina. I love this color and purples are a big trend we are seeing throughout the fall and winter this year.


Next up, Donna, a peacock blue. I love this color as well. In fact, I’d say that Trina and Donna are my two favorite colors tat I’ve received since becoming a Julep Maven.

Here’s a shot of both colors being put to good use:


A little seasonal, peep-nail action going on… (my thumb on my left hand shows my glittery Nailtini polish that I received in my Nov 2012 Ipsy Galm bag! … I couldn’t wait to give that a try either!)


My third product, this month, is Julep’s Pink Grapefruit Body Frosting. I don’t normally like receiving anything other than nail related products in my Julep Maven boxes, but this body frosting is fantastic! The smell is absolutely amazing!

As a bonus, Julep through in three of their nail polish remover pads. They’re pretty effective too! When I received my box I wanted to try on Donna and Trina right away and so I whipped out one of those pads, removed my polish and experimented with my new colors. I removed the polish from all ten nails very easily with only one pad. Sometime the nail polish remover pads end up spreading the polish all over my fingertips but not these.

So that’s that. My final Julep Maven box. Please check out my upcoming Julep Maven review of all that I have received whilst a Julep Maven. It may inspire you to become a Julep Maven yourself!

Thanks for reading! Love, GK


Julep Maven #3 : Sept. ’12

I received my September Julep Maven box. It seemed like it was shipped out super early but I’m not 100% since this is only my 3rd box. It also seems like this will be my last box. I’m just not impressed enough with Julep’s polishes to continue to pay $19.99 per month to receive a box of 2 or 3 polishes. I was honestly going to make last month’s box my last. I figured it wasn’t too bad that I received 5 polishes, polish remover and toe spacers for $20. ($19.99 + $0.01 I paid for the first month). Not such a big loss. In fact, I would go as far as to say “worth it.”

Then I took a peek at September’s boxes and really liked the two colors in the Boho Glam box. So, for the second month in a row, I opted for the Boho Glam box instead of my It Girl box. (I’m beginning to think their style quiz is bs). The only problem with the Boho Glam box is that, yet again, it only came with two polishes. The third item was mascara. (I signed up for nail products…)

The masacara is Julep’s lengthening mascara in espresso brown. It’s ok I guess. I’m definitely not going to ever, ever purchase it and I’m still annoyed I got it instead of a third polish. Whatever, I chose this box.

I do really, really like the two polishes this month though. The royal blue is Gunta and the kelly green is Popova. Both of the these colors I absolutely love and they are definitely my two favorite Julep polishes that I’ve received so far. (I will update with pictures of how the polishes each look on.)

Part of me wants to wait and see what October’s box will hold before I cancel. Halloween is my favorite holiday and there might be some awesome stuff in the box next month… But I’ll probably end up cancelling this month. I enjoyed my 3 month run as a Julep Maven. IDK though, don’t be completely shocked if this time next month I have Julep Maven :: October posted on here.

If you want to give being a Julep Maven a try, click here *Become a Julep Maven for $0.01* and use the coupon code Color2012. If you use this code at checkout, your $19.99 1st Julep Maven box will only cost you $0.01. There is always free shipping and you can cancel at anytime. So even if you sign up with the coupon code for one month and then cancel before the next one is billed to you, you’ll have gotten 2 or 3 nail polishes for a penny! It’s totally worth a try. You may really like it and choose to receive another box, or two, or three, like I did. I also really like that you can preview what you will get in your box and opt for a different box (as I have done for the last 2 months).

Now, I was nice enough to find that coupon code for this month for you but I can’t guarantee that it works. (I can’t exactly sign up again. Although, I suppose I could.) So if you sign up and use the code, please comment and let me know if it works or not. Also, if it doesn’t work simply google “Julep Maven September Coupon Code”… it’s out there, I promise.

AND If you click on the link I provided up there, you know, this one: *Become a Julep Maven for $0.01* I might get my October box for free. And if you do sign up, you’ll be given a personal link that you can share with your friends/readers/followers to earn free boxes as well!

Thanks so much for reading! Love, GK

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Julep Maven #2 : Aug. ’12

About a week ago, I received my August Julep Maven box. You may have read that for this month’s box, when I had reviewed with was to be sent to me as an “It Girl”, I decided to swap it for the Boho Glam box. Here’s what I received this month:




The August theme was “Chrome Metallics”. I received a white metallic, Isla, a teal metallic, Piper, and bottle of Julep’s acetone free conditioning nail polish remover. As an extra, they threw in a flimsy “tote”.




I received my first Julep Maven box for only $0.01 when I used a promo code but this box cost me the full monthly subscription cost of $19.99. I have to be honest, when I get to review my Julep Maven box for September later this month, unless I REALLY like whats being sent, I’m totally cancelling my subscription. I’m not 100% unhappy with what I’ve received and for $20 total, I got 5 polishes and other goodies; not too bad. However, I’m not overly impressed with the quality of Julep’s polishes.

The coverage is thin and immediately after drying, the color becomes quite dull and lackluster. I do like the nail polish remover; it has a pump top and works really well.




Thats what Piper looks like after 3 coats. It’s cute. Isla, the white metallic, is very thin in coverage but looks cute and pearly. (I didn’t get a chance to snap a pic).


We shall see if I last another month as a Julep Maven or not.


Thanks for reading. Love, GK

Julep Maven #1 : Jul. ’12

Just under a week ago, I received my very first Julep Maven box! Being a Julep Maven means subscribing to receive a box of Julep nail polishes and other goodies each month. The monthly fee is $19.99 but you are guaranteed to receive at least $40 worth of goodies. I decided to give this subscription service a try when I learned that I can receive my first box for only $0.01 by using the current promo code when signing up.

I was also convinced by how the sites features the options to skip that month’s box without being charged, send that box as a gift or even swap boxes to try another style’s monthly box.

To find out what your Julep Maven style is and to subscribe to receive nail goodies monthly, click here: Become a Julep Maven. If you use the promo code MAVENINTRO you’ll receive your first box for only $0.01! Not too shabby!! (If you click my link when signing up, I can earn the one credit I need to receive one of my boxes free… click, sign up and help a sister out… it’ll only cost you a penny because if you dont like the first box, you can cancel at anytime!)

My Julep Maven style is that of an It Girl. so this is what I received this month:

3 Julep nail polishes: Lily (fuchsia), Daisy (lemon yellow) and Sasha (melon). I also received a set of toe dividers. Not a bad introduction.

***Please excuse the messy paint jobs pictured below.*** I quick painted my nails to take these pics only to remove the polish to be replaced by one that is “work appropriate”

Julep nail polish – Sasha – fresh, cantaloupe melon creme.

My favorite of the three colors was Sasha. I rocked this color when I saw The Dave Matthews Band over the weekend. It covers well after just one coat, but looks even better after the second coat. It also dried quickly as did the other two colors.

Julep nail polishes – Lily – Sizzling fichsia creme & Daisy – Bright lemo yellow creme

I like how bold both Lily and Daisy are and will most definitely be rocking these both. However, neither covers particularly well and takes at least three coats. Both dry quickly but one Lily dries, it isn’t very shiny.

I may be new to being a Julep Maven, but I have already taken them up on their offer for me to select a different box for the month of August.

Classified as an It Girl, I was due to receive the above pictured box for August. After checking out when the other boxes would contain, I opted to receive the Boho Glam box.

Although I’m not getting the third polish, I think I’ll like the two polishes in this Boho Glam box better than those in the It Girl box.

You may as well get a set of three adorable, high quality products for a penny by signing up now and using the current promo code MAVENINTRO. Just click here, take the style quiz and enter the promo code at check-out. Become a Julep Maven

I’ll be back next month with my review of Julep’s Isla, Piper and nail polish remover. Check back then! Or sign up now and explore Julep nail polishes yourself!

Thanks for reading! Love, GK