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Orlando Shenanigans

A week later, I’m finally getting the time to post about my recent trip to Orlando. One of my friends was visiting home from Chicago, where she currently lives, and we decided to make the short drive north to Orlando where one of my other friends lives with his fella.


With a rad playlist ready to go, she and I hit the road Monday afternoon. Upon arrival, Nicki, Ron and I jumped headfirst into some liquor and shared the night catching up and then painting for a while. There was also a small, impromptu photo session with Ron’s huge clock.


When Nicki and I first checked into La Hotel De Ron & Brad, Ron had gifts waiting for us in the guest bedroom. For me: Ron framed prints of a series of paintings he had done that are inspired by Harry Potter and the four house uniforms. So adorable! I can’t wait to hang them!


Now, speaking of Harry Potter, Ron and Brad were able to arrange for us to explore the new section of The Wizarding World at Universal, Diagon Alley, on Tuesday. That post is set for tomorrow so check back to take a peek at my first time visiting Diagon Alley! -yes, I cried.


Tuesday night, we all enjoyed some good wine followed by a fun evening at Universal’s City Walk. We had dinner at Jimmy Buffet’s Margarittaville (which was actually quite disappointing) and then drank and sang karaoke with a live band at Rising Star. A fantastic couple of days with a couple of fantastic people.

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Love, GK


PS – Last night, my sister and I saw Guardians of the Galaxy. I thought it was amazing! I really loved it. (I went into it knowing next to nothing about the comics though.) I didn’t even think Zoe Saldana was as horrible as she usually is compared to Amy-Stupid-Pond’s desperate reach at acting. I didn’t even believe her when she was just standing there. On a sexy note: when did Andy Dwyer get so ripped and dreamy? And, of course, I’d be remiss not to mention Mr. Sexy-face Pie Man as Super Douche.




Last Night :: South Beach, Miami

Yesterday, the whole crew from the bar attended “The Fucking Catalina Wine Mixer”; and by “The Fucking Catalina Wine Mixer” I really mean a wine expo at The Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, Fl.

After an afternoon of wine, cheese and meat tasting (I know my job super sucks…) we headed south to South Beach for a night of bar hopping.

We stayed at what just might be the most adorable hotel I’ve ever seen, The Freehand Hostel. We got an 8 bed “dorm” for our whole group with two full bathrooms that only we had access to. The attached bar, The Broken Shaker, is absolutely gorgeous! (I wish I took photos.)

We hopped around to many fantastic spots as well as some less than places. It was an incredible evening full of tasty (and expensive) cocktails and some quality work-family bonding!

I can’t wait to go back to The Freehand and Broken Shaker!!

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The Freedhand, Miami

Poolside at The Freehand. So cute!

One of our stops was The Delano Hotel. I want to go back so bad!

And here’s what I wore:

Dark Skinnies, Cobalt Blue lace-side top, blue ankle strap flats, (dainty) gold handcuffs necklace, diamond stud earrings. (Also my emerald green Steve Madden purse. *new!!! Just bought it!!*)

Emerald Green Steve Madden Purse and Gray and Black Steve Madden Weekender Bag.

Hurricane Issac

Last night and today we, here in South Florida, received the worst we were to see of Tropical Storm/Hurricane Issac. I snapped a few shots and wanted to share them with my readers.

I just thought this looked pretty. The rain drops falling on my pool while it was lit-up for the night.

This is the baby turtle I saved from my pool earlier this afternoon!

I named him Phelpsy since he was such a fantastic little swimmer. I released him safely not too long after the rescue.

This is the “road” directly to the east of our property.

Here’s the road to take us to the main road that gets us out of neighborhood… I watched a little Ford Focus make it through just before I snapped this pic. Just after taking this photo, I attempted to make it through myself. I was unsuccessful.

My car immediately stalled out and quickly began to fill with water. When my foot was on the floor of my car, the water rose half-way up my calf. Large trucks kept passing me, pushing more water into my car as I sat there, stranded, and calling for reinforcements. (One of the A-holes in a truck actually waved at me! I know wear you live Mr Obnoxious Bright Yellow Truck!)

I was towed to dry land but I had attempted to restart my car (several times) while sitting in the massive puddle and feared my car would never start again. I really feel that somebody, at some point, should have told me to never try and restart my car after it has stalled out in a puddle. So readers, if you find yourself in a similar stupid situation, DO NOT TRY TO RESTART YOUR CAR!

I couldn’t believe that I was “that person” that I have seen and made fun of, during storm coverage, who thought their car would magically make it through the “lake” and (not surprisingly) stalled out. I had mucho importante stuff to do like buy hair-care products and finish watching Season 2 of Sherlock!

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“You Will Be A Hot Dancer”

On Thursday, I drove up to Orlando for the filming of Hustled, a student film and I can’t even tell you what it’s about. I know it takes place in the 1920s or 30s and at some point they’re in a nightclub, or speakeasy, I’m not sure if the story even falls during prohibition or not. The reason why I have no idea what the script contains is because I wasn’t acting this time… I was dancing.

I am not a dancer. I can dance. But I am not a dancer. So I was super nervous about this role. My dancer/choreographer/makeup artist friend is the one who got me involved with this project and she was also the choreographer for this scene. She assured me the dance would not be complicated but I was still incredibly anxious. This wasn’t the first time that I’ve had to perform as a dancer but still, I am not a dancer. Despite my nervousness, I did not want to pass up the opportunity to portray a burlesque dancer or even just the opportunity to perform.

I had such an amazing time! Not only was it fun to be apart of a production again, I got along really well with the other girls and perhaps made a few new friends. My hair was done for me. My makeup was done for me. I got to wear an adorable costume (that I wanted to steal so bad) AND lunch and all food were provided! Hello?

They shot the scenes from several angles each, so the four of us (the dancers) were called in intermittently. We danced for over 10 hours in heels. Throughout the day, I felt completely fine, in fact, my confidence was way boosted because (i’m pretty sure) I was rocking the sh*t out of that jazzy routine! However, the next day, my legs and ass were killing me! They were killing me, yet it felt so great! I’ve become addicted to the feeling of sore muscles recently and I was still feeling the buzz from the day of performing. I’m so happy I was apart of this.

I can’t wait to receive the still shots and reel footage to add to my digital audition portfolio. Here are a few pics from the shoot:

i ♥ makeup! especially when someone else does it for me!

va-va-va-voom. my costume!

the other girls. amazing ladies.

“Why don’t you do right, get me some money too”

i think this guy was the male lead. idk. i told him her could put his hand on my thigh either way…

*Title: “You Will Be A Hot Dancer” inspired by the song by Incubus off of Fungus Amoungus. (… i ♥ you, Brandon Boyd.)

Thanks for reading! Love, GK

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I’ve been distant recently, I know. I’m sorry. But I’ve just been super busy. The good kind of busy! I’ve been spending some seriously quality time with my favorite people: Deeply discussing jukebox music and fighting to the death in darts, pool and shuffle board with my favorite boys while going drink for drink. Learning how to surf with my best girl and her beau.

I’ve been so stoked about my surfing lessons and wanted to do a little sharing/bragging. This Memorial Day, I had my second surf lesson and spent the day of remembrance playing in the waves between tropical storm bands.


There’s a peace I get from the beach that I get no where else. There’s a happiness I get from my family of friends that I can find in no others. It’s truly magic when the two come together. ♥