Black Widow Cosplay

Before the relaunch of, there were some major events taking place in several fandoms. (We have a female Doctor, you guys!) One of those big events was Marvel’s Avengers: End Game. To celebrate for the movie’s premiere back in April, I showcased my Black Widow cosplay on my Facebook and Instagram pages. As part […]

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DIY: Star Trek Phaser Transformation

I’M BACK IN ACTION!! IT’S GINGER-KATE’S BIG, GRAND RETURN, RELAUNCH WEEK!!!! I already have a science officer (occasionally Ms. Spok) cosplay and I’m currently working on a femme-Kirk cosplay so, I thought it was about time for a proper, cosplay-worthy phaser. I’m a budget cosplayer so I don’t spend $50+ on replica props (unless, of […]

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DIY – Crystal Ball Prop

Yesterday, I shared a DIY makeup tutorial for how I do my makeup when performing as Simza Vadoma Luminista in Balthazar’s Band of Beauties. Today, I thought I’d share how I made my own prop crystal ball. It’s really quite simple and lots of fun for a halloween decoration or theatre prop. What you’ll need: […]

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DIY – Hollow Eyes Makeup

Earlier this year, as Ive posted, some friends and I from the Treasure Coast Cosplayers hosted a Creep Walk at a local Horror Con. My original character is a Gypsy Fortune-Teller named Simza Vadoma Luminista and she gauged her own damn eyes out, ya’ll. I wanted to share a step-by-step on how I do my […]

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Darth Vader Accessories

As you know, one of my cosplays for MegaCon Orlando this year was Glam Vader (Lady Vader). I wanted to share how I made some of my glittering, fabulous accessories: my chest box and belt. My crafty and skilled friend, Scotty, helped me tremendously! Here’s how I put it together: Scotty crafted the boxes for […]

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