“You Will Be A Hot Dancer”

On Thursday, I drove up to Orlando for the filming of Hustled, a student film and I can’t even tell you what it’s about. I know it takes place in the 1920s or 30s and at some point they’re in a nightclub, or speakeasy, I’m not sure if the story even falls during prohibition or not. The reason why I have no idea what the script contains is because I wasn’t acting this time… I was dancing.

I am not a dancer. I can dance. But I am not a dancer. So I was super nervous about this role. My dancer/choreographer/makeup artist friend is the one who got me involved with this project and she was also the choreographer for this scene. She assured me the dance would not be complicated but I was still incredibly anxious. This wasn’t the first time that I’ve had to perform as a dancer but still, I am not a dancer. Despite my nervousness, I did not want to pass up the opportunity to portray a burlesque dancer or even just the opportunity to perform.

I had such an amazing time! Not only was it fun to be apart of a production again, I got along really well with the other girls and perhaps made a few new friends. My hair was done for me. My makeup was done for me. I got to wear an adorable costume (that I wanted to steal so bad) AND lunch and all food were provided! Hello?

They shot the scenes from several angles each, so the four of us (the dancers) were called in intermittently. We danced for over 10 hours in heels. Throughout the day, I felt completely fine, in fact, my confidence was way boosted because (i’m pretty sure) I was rocking the sh*t out of that jazzy routine! However, the next day, my legs and ass were killing me! They were killing me, yet it felt so great! I’ve become addicted to the feeling of sore muscles recently and I was still feeling the buzz from the day of performing. I’m so happy I was apart of this.

I can’t wait to receive the still shots and reel footage to add to my digital audition portfolio. Here are a few pics from the shoot:

i ♥ makeup! especially when someone else does it for me!

va-va-va-voom. my costume!

the other girls. amazing ladies.

“Why don’t you do right, get me some money too”

i think this guy was the male lead. idk. i told him her could put his hand on my thigh either way…

*Title: “You Will Be A Hot Dancer” inspired by the song by Incubus off of Fungus Amoungus. (… i ♥ you, Brandon Boyd.)

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Nicki’s Birthday

Tonight was the last “Fanfare to Murder” show. It was at another place in Jensen. The crowd was a quite lively. When I made my entrance, several audience members proclaimed “she was here last year!” and one gentleman even proceeded to wave at me from his table across the room. Then, when Casey made his entrance, an entirely different table from the opposite side of the room cheered “He was here last year too!” and that table broke out into applause for him… it was sweet, but a little crazy.

During the question answer period, one audience member accused some of the cast of stealing his wallet… ???… some of these people are really old. After the show, a bunch of friends, including most of the “Fanfare…” cast got together for Nicki’s birthday by her pool.

It was really cold out so I wore a couple of layers: I wore my nerdy owl sweatshirt (forever21) for the first time!

I stayed with the bright colors by adding my red peacoat (forever21) and new royal blue scarf! I also rocked the Uggs for the night. -I ended up also layering my Darth Vadar hoodie over top of it all. Here are some fun pics from the party.

Ronald, Bradly, and myself. I wish I could see these boys so much more often!

Ron, Nicki the Birthday Girl, Kacie, Me, Brad.

San Sare to Murder

Today the “Fanfare…” gang got back together for a performance in Jensen Beach. This was the first time in a long time the whole alumni cast was there; it was also the last time.

The group who was hosting us tonight had posters up around the building that billed the show as “San Sare to Murder.”… we all got a kick out of it.

We were also hanging out in the hallway with the bathrooms, so during breaks, we had to go outside to avoid out of character conversation with audience members coming to use the bathrooms… theatre on the road…

We did take some cute pictures out on the dock though.

The show was not without its mistakes or crazy moments. In fact it was pretty crazy. But with the real cast there, it’s almost more fun when you get the chance to improv a little while figuring out how to get on track. It’s quite the adrenaline rush!

After the show, we all had dinner at the Jensen Beach Chilis.

My last show will be tomorrow, and Nicki wont be there because it’s her birthday weekend. It was a good run guys. I had a lot of fun with all of you!

-After reviewing this post, I realized: we sure are a group that enjoys thumbs-up”

End Of The Line…

Yesterday and Today I got back with the “Fanfare for Murder” Murder Mystery cast for two more touring shows. Next Friday and Saturday will be my last two shows.

Since getting my new job at the theatre, my schedule doesn’t allow for me to complete the other shows scheduled this year. 😦 It was a lot of fun though and I’ve still got two more to go.

taken while I was “dead” backstage.
Oh yeah, spoiler alert… I’m the one who dies.

Also, I stumbled upon this pic of Paul McCartney and wanted to share it… because I ♥ Paul! He makes me smile!

Doritos & Pepsi Max Crash the Super Bowl Commercial

Me and a bunch of my friends were apart of filming these 5 submission commercials for the Doritos and Pepsi Max “Crash the Super Bowl” commercial contest.

Please take the time to check them out.

Then suggest that your friends check them out. I don’t know how voting takes place or how these videos become finalist, but please check them out!!! Vote if you can! (When I find out voting information, I’ll be sure to post it)

Just follow each of the links: (you can skip the intro)

Commercial Cut #1

Commercial Cut #2

Commercial Cut #3

Commercial Cut #4

Commercial Cut #5

Help us become finalists and you just might help us to be seen on the Super Bowl!