Works by Edward Gorey

Edward Gorey was an American writer, artist and eventual film maker. I haven’t read much of his works, but I’ve always loved his drawings; he was mostly known for his rather macabre illustrations in his writings.

Here are a few of Edward Gorey’s illustrations.


The Regal Twelve – by Alexia Sinclair

Over the last few days, while home sick, I spent a lot of time perusing the web… A LOT. This is apparent based on my recent daily blogs full of other people’s artwork. I’ve also been burning my way through The Tudors on Netflix… It’s amazing. (I had been meaning and wanting to watch the entire series for a while and this sudden illness provided the perfect opportunity and excuse to do nothing except watch Netflix for hours… days in fact.) The combination of constant web surfing and raunchy royals prompted me to search for some royal images. What I found is absolutely beautiful!

I came across the site of a beautiful and talented artist out of Australia, Alexia Sinclair. Alexia is a Fine-Art Photographer and Digital Artist and her portfolio is incredible. It includes two series: The Royal Dozen and The Regal Twelve. The Regal Twelve, especially, really combined so many of my favorite things, I was in google-heaven when I found her page! Fashion and Photos and History, oh my! So many of my favorite things all rolled up into one gorgeous series of images.

The Regal Twelve is a series of (you guessed it) 12 images of famous (and infamous) female European Monarchs. Each piece combines photography with the feeling of historical portraits and sprinkled throughout are bits of symbolism and imagery of the life and legend of each of these powerful women. The Royal Dozen is a series of (yet again) 12 images of great men in power. I’ve included a few of my favorites from this series in with the entire series of The Regal Twelve below.

Please visit Alexia Sinclair’s Site. There, you can order prints (I believe) of your favorite images! Her work is really incredible!! It’s also so interesting the read about how her works come to life. For instance, for this series, Alexia traveled Europe shooting the backgrounds and then shot the models in a studio where she also edited and added all the story-telling details for each image.

(All images posted below are © Alexia Sinclair 1999 – 2012. NONE of the following images/artwork are my own or that of anyone other than Alexia Sinclair.)

Boudica - The Celtic Queen

Queen Elizabeth I - The Virgin Queen

Marie Antoinette - The Extravagant Queen

From "The Royal Dozen" - King Louis XIV - The Sun King

Alexandra Romanov - The Last Czarina

Queen Isabella of Spain - The Catholic

Cleopatra - The Seductress

Elizabeth Bathory - The Countess of Blood

Olympias - The Sorceress

Eleanor Of Aquitaine - The Eagle

Christina of Sweden - The Androgynous Queen

Agrippina - The Poisoness

Catherine the Great - The Enlightened Empress

From "The Royal Dozen" - Vlad Draculea - Song of the Dragon

From "The Royal Dozen" - Marquis de Sade - The Sadist

All images posted above are © Alexia Sinclair 1999 – 2012

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A Generation of Intellectual Amputees -b.b.

Here’s another one of my favorite older posts. It’s February again, which means two of my favorite artists, Brandon Boyd and Alex Pardee, just celebrated birthdays. I’m reblogging this one to share some of my favorite pieces of their art.

You all know about my undieing love for Brandon Boyd and how one magical day our souls, destined to be mates, will come together… (hey, a girl can dream)… but, another favorite artist of mine is Alex Pardee. He’s designed multiple album covers and other commercial pieces, but his personal art is my favorite. Lets begin, shall we?

Brandon Boyd
hello, lover. ♥


…this is currently the background on my phone. and a long time favorite of mine.

I wish I could recall this one’s name…
You may recognize this from “White Fluffy Clouds”

…another long time favorite of mine.
“Brain Diagram”

“Heart & Skulls”
…currently my favorite!

I have such a large file on my computer filled with Brandon’s work… I simply love it. It also gives me a lot of inspiration when I’m having a creative block. I have so much respect and adoration for Brandon Boyd as an overall artist. His visual art, as well as his lyrics/poetry are both emotionally stirring and creatively stimulating. I just keep finding myself falling in love with him over and over. Poet, Painter, Writer, Musician & Dog-lover who’s covered in tats… My ideal man… ♥Brandon, whenever you’re ready to ask, Yes, I will marry you.

For more about Brandon Boyd and his various forms of art.
Please check out his site: Brandon Boyd

Alex Pardee

My friend Brad recently brought this artist to my attention. Turns out, I’ve been an admirer of his work for years without even knowing who he was! Some of my favorites:


“Vomits Love 2”

“Escaped Conviction”
“Tonight To Knight”

For more about Alex Pardee and to look at some of his other work, please visit his site, I am in love with it! Alex Pardee

*The title of this blog is a line from the song “All Ears Avow” from the Album “The Wild Trapeze” by Brandon Boyd…. this album is amazing by the way!

Creative Makeup! ♥ This

I originally posted this one over a year ago. But I loved it so much and it was one of most popular posts so I’m reposting now that Ginger Kate found it’s home on wordpress.

Funny enough, one of my guy friends, Ryan (artist, T.R.O.) showed me an article with all these pictures on it. There were several more, but these are by far my FAVORITES! Take a look at these creative, artistic makeup designs! They’re so awesome!!!

Strawberry Lips

Spooky Lips

Pikachu Lips

Peppermint Lips & Eyes
I want to try this soooooo bad! I love the glitter!!!!

Passion Flower Eyes
So Gorge!

Pansy Lips

Moth Eyes
♥ it!

Mint Eyes & Nails

Lily Eyes

Leopard Eyes

“Watermelon” Leopard Eyes
Legend of Zelda Nails.
Um… Hello? Awesome!

Lady Bug Eyes

Giant Squid Nails

Fuschia Eyes
♥ These too!!!

Fox Lips
I so want to do this one!

“Dark Fairy” Eyes

Cupcake Lips & Nails
One of my favorites!

Crab Lips!

Chameleon Lips

Butterfly Eyes

Bluebell Eyes

“Black Lace” Eyes

I so want to try some of these out. The others, I just love to look at! I’m not a big fan of long nails, so I don’t believe I’ll ever be able to try the Giant Squid nails (even though I love them!) But they definitely inspire a lot of other creative ideas.

I just love how simply-detailed all these are. So beautiful. I thought I’d pass these pics along for the enjoyment of all of you! Hope you like! and I hope you’re inspired to get a little creative with your own makeup!


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Newest Art Project!

Today I started my newest piece. Here’s the progress so far… I’m calling it a night.

Just begining.Taken with my iPhone.Progress so far. Taken with my iPhone.Side. Taken with my iPhone.A bit closer of a look. Taken with my iPhone


Progress so far. Taken with my iPhone.

Side. Taken with my iPhone.

A bit closer of a look. Taken with my iPhone


Thats all for tonight… depending on whether or not my scheduled photo shoot for a lively engaged couple gets rained out or not, I might work on it some more tomorrow.

I’m super excited to finish this one! I’ll give you a hint about what my vision entails: once finished, I can post this piece in my Fangirl section too! 😉 Bonne nuit!